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Rosie Batty: The stolen handbag and the happy ending

It was the lowest of crimes, committed against the most undeserving of victims.

Rosie Batty. Photography Damian Bennett. Styling by Jamela Duncan.
Ten days ago, while Rosie Batty was visiting the memorial garden at the cricket ground where her son Luke was killed, a robber smashed the back window of her car and stole her handbag.
Coming as it did after two weeks of harrowing testimony at the coronial inquest into the death of Luke, the robbery was, according to Rosie, "like a kick in the guts".
That the crime was committed while she was visiting the scene of her son’s death was more than Rosie could take, triggering what she has described a "complete emotional breakdown".
"It felt like the straw that broke the camel’s back," she said.
Rosie, who was recently named Victorian Australian of the Year for her determined stand against domestic violence, told The Weekly she was reduced to tears, unable to fathom why "the universe felt I needed more misfortune in my life".
Rosie's son, 11 year-old Luke Batty, was murdered by his estranged father, Greg Anderson following an afternoon of cricket practice in Tyabb, on Melbourne’s outskirts.
Upon hearing of the robbery and learning from The Weekly that the stolen handbag was from their range and had only recently been purchased by Rosie, Guess handbags yesterday despatched a replacement.
"It's a small gesture, but the least we can do," said a Guess spokesperson.

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