Real Life

REAL LIFE: How my husband's joke became a reality and we ended up with two sets of twins!

''I never expected this!''

By Claudia Poposki

Gabby Radlof, 29, from Stratford, VIC, tells her beautiful story

The ocean glistened in the distance as my boyfriend, Ben, and I took in the view from our fancy hotel room.
We were 19 and on our first overseas trip in Thailand.
"This is beautiful," I said.
He smiled back at me.
"Will you marry me, Gabby?" he asked quietly.
Overwhelmed, I started to tear up. I knew he was the guy for me, but I didn't expect to get engaged so young.
"Yes!" I squealed.
Ben and I had been together since we were 14. And from the moment we met, we had hit it off.
Life can be a little chaotic but our home is filled with joy. (Image: Supplied)
After his sweet proposal, it took a few years before we got married, as we wanted to save for a house.
A few months after our wedding in 2017, I started feeling queasy.
To be on the safe side, I took a pregnancy test and there it was... two lines!
I was so excited to tell Ben, I went to the doctor to confirm the test.
"You're definitely pregnant," she smiled.
I rushed home to tell Ben, and he was over the moon, wrapping me in a big hug.
Later at our first ultrasound, Ben held my hand as the sonographer put the gel over my stomach and then smiled.
"You're having twins," she told us.
Hugo and Spencer, our first set of twins. (Image: Supplied)
Ben and I looked at each other in shock. Although there were twins in both our families, we never considered the possibility we would be having them ourselves!
We immediately started to prepare, setting up a nursery and saving every cent. I went into labour early at 33 weeks and gave birth to identical twins, Hugo and Spencer.
They both suffered lung problems but, thankfully, were both fine within weeks.
Life went along happily for two years before I fell pregnant again.
On the way to our ultrasound appointment, Ben teased me.
"Imagine if it's twins again," he joked.
Billy and Aria, our second set of twins. (Image: Supplied)
I rolled my eyes. But when the ultrasound screen was on, I saw it immediately. We were having twins!
I remained silent for the rest of the appointment. My head was swirling with all the possible scenarios of what it would be like to have four kids under four.
When we got to the car, I started to cry.
"What if we can't handle it?" I asked Ben.
"It's a lot, but we can do it. You're an amazing mum," he assured me.
Ben, me and our four beautiful kids. (Image: Supplied)
In the lead up to the birth, I feared for the worst.
But it went without a hitch and we welcomed our son and daughter, Billy and Aria, into the family.
Hugo and Spencer absolutely adore their younger siblings, giggling with excitement whenever they get to play together.
While I love my children more than anything else, leaving home isn't always easy with four kids under four in tow – one might decide they're hungry, another might lose their shoe, and tears could come at any time.
I am constantly running between kindergarten, swimming lessons, the park and home, while making sure everyone is healthy and safe, but I'm also extremely happy.
As a way to ease my anxiety during my second pregnancy, I started a blog called Four Little Wildlings, to write about my experiences.
It's become an amazing community and I'm so glad what I'm going through is helping other first-time parents.
At this stage, I don't plan on having any more children. My four angels are a gift and, despite the chaos that often ensues in our house, I wouldn't have it any other way!

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