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Watch this man pull a huge python out of a family car

Imagine the shock this family received when they found a massive snake hiding in their car engine…

While driving through the African country of Zimbabwe, a family noticed an odd sound and strange smell coming from their Ford four wheel drive, so they made the decision to pull over and take a look.
Upon opening up the car’s hood, the driver discovered a huge, coiled python keeping warm atop the engine, and instead of calling for help (like most would) he decided to pull it out with his bare hands.
The man shows no fear as he quickly grabs the snake by the base of its head, and begins to slowly untangle the three-meter reptile from the bonnet.
With the help of two other men, he carries the serpent over to the edge of the grass before dropping it and taking a few hurried steps back.
Throughout the clip, what appears to be a young and distressed child can be heard yelling “Daddy don’t, It’s a massive snake!”, which - to be honest – is exactly how we would react too.
What would you do if you found this under your hood?
The video was uploaded to YouTube over the weekend and has since clocked up over 26,000 views.
The uploader captioned the video with the advice, “Always check under the hood”.
Watch the heart-stopping video in the player above, if you dare!

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