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Ralph and Madeleine Kelly address Stuart's death

Bereaved father Ralph Kelly has broken his silence about the unexpected death of his youngest son, Stuart.

By Chloe Lal and Bella Brennan
According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Ralph penned a devastating Facebook post on Tuesday night, which read: "The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained."
The Kelly's only remaining child Madeleine Kelly, 21, also took to social media to honour her late brothers.
"You are both so loved. My beautiful brothers, I'll cherish our memories forever," she penned alongside a childhood photo of the trio.
Meanwhile John Christie, who lost his brother Daniel Christie to a coward's punch in Kings Cross back in 2013, voiced his sympathies with the Kelly family.
"You are both so loved. My beautiful brothers, I'll cherish our memories forever," Madeleine Kelly wrote alongside this childhood photo. (Image/Madeleine Kelly Facebook)
In a touching Facebook post, John Christie reminded the public to be cautious of their comments.
"For those of you who are quick to ‘spray’ vitriol about how these lockout laws are diminishing your nights out, please stop and be mindful about the effects your comment(s) can be making. RIP Stuart Kelly. I know how It feels to be caught In the same strange position," John penned.
Adding: "To be a proverbial ‘buoy’, awash In a sea of motives & agendas, of people our age, business owners, and MP’s trying to find a solution. Do we, as family members of victims innately have an answer?"
"No I don’t think we do, we are just very unfortunate individuals who lost the ones which we love. I commend you Stuart for trying to make the city a safer place, and for your strength and courage."
Less than a month after the fourth anniversary of his older brother Thomas' death from a one-punch attack in Kings Cross, the 19-year-old reportedly took his own life and was found on Sydney's northern beaches on Monday.
While police have said Stuart's death was not not being treated as suspicious, recent reports suggest bullying was at play.
The teen was just 14 years old when his brother and "best friend" Thomas was killed in a coward-punch attack by Kieran Loveridge during a night out in Sydney's Kings Cross.
Following a lengthy court process and appeal, Kieran was jailed for 10 years and two months.
Watch Stuart talk about the harrowing loss of his brother in the video below. Post continues after...
After his death, the Kelly family spearheaded the campaign to lobby for stricter laws against drug and alcohol violence which eventually lead to the Baird Government’s lockout laws.
But according to Stuart's friends, this made him a target for bullying and hate mail, with The Daily Telegraph reporting that this resulted in his decision to defer his marine biology course at the University of Sydney.
"Stuart spent just one night at the university accommodation before deciding to postpone his studies for a year," the publication claimed.
The model student, who graduated from The King's School last October, returned to his old stomping grounds and started coaching one of the school's junior rugby sides.
John Christie, who lost his brother Daniel Christie to a coward's punch in Kings Cross back in 2013, voiced his sympathies with the Kelly family in a moving Facebook post. (Image/John Christie Facebook)
His former principal, Dr Timothy Hawkes announced the Kelly family's distressing news in a statement.
"It is with great sadness that I inform you of the death of an Old Boy of the School, Stuart Kelly (’15)."
"This is the second great tragedy to affect the Kelly family."
“The exact circumstances surrounding his death are not known, however, it is enough to know that we have lost a member of our community and therefore our thoughts and prayers go out to Kathy and Ralph Kelly and their daughter Madeleine."
“As a student, Stuart was greatly respected, He was a school prefect who possessed a quiet integrity that made him enormously effective as a leader."
“The strength and character shown by Stuart when his brother was killed by a one punch attack in July 2012, was extraordinary," the statement concluded.
In the aftermath of his older brother Thomas' senseless death, Stuart worked closely with The Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation,, which was set up by the family to help campaign for "behavioural change and a push towards changing Australia’s drinking culture through education."
Stuart was just 14 when he lost his brother Thomas.
Last year, he moved the crowds at a fundraising dinner for the charity with a powerful speech.
"I look back at that moment: I was 14 years old, I was told by a stranger that my brother, my best friend, was going to die. Those few words would change my life forever," he explained in the stirring delivery.
“I’m now 17 - that was three years ago. However I carry a deep scar that you cannot see. It’s always there, it never leaves. It sits below the surface of your skin and surfaces when you least expect it."
"'We are not alone, there are many many thousands of other who are directly affected by senseless violence every year. Premier will you make this promise tonight? Australia is an alcoholic, we need to rethink the way we drink," Stuart said.
Madeline Kelly is now the only remaining child from the Kelly family.
Our thoughts are with the Kelly family at this difficult time.
If you, or anybody you know needs support or information about suicide prevention contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit Beyond Blue

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