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Ray Hadley wins Take 5's Hottest Radio Hunk!

Whoever coined the term 'a face fit for radio' must not have met the men of the airwaves.

By Take 5 team
Well, there you have it, Australia, Veteran broadcaster Ray Hadley, 64, is officially Australia's Hottest Radio Hunk!
After a nationwide search, radio listeners from all over Australia voted on who turns their dial up to the max.
11,500 listeners voted in the poll deciding between the top 20 sexiest hunks on air.
Ray Hadley was thrilled with his win! (Image: Channel Nine)
Despite the tough competition, it was talkback king Ray that really knew how to get more than just the airwaves flowing.
Take 5's editor-in-chief Paul Merrill and deputy editor Kate Kirsten popped into the studio to surprise Ray with his trophy live on air.
"This is a great tribute to my youngest daughter who went on social media and pleased with people to vote for her father. I'll be copping a hammering this for the next ten years from my four children. The fact that Mick Molloy and Marty Sheargold didn't make the top two is a reflection on the quality of the field. Thank you Take 5 readers – you're the best, what an honour!"
The 2GB morning host knocked Hit Network funnyman Dave Hughes into second place in the nationwide contest organised by Take 5 magazine.
"This is the greatest accolade of my career. I'm a very worthy winner, and at 64 it was probably my last chance. Hughesy's got plenty of time left to win."
Ray credited his win to his youngest daughters campaigning online! (Image: Supplied)
Quite naturally, Hughsy was devastated by his narrow loss.
"I've not been on any drugs to get this far and I'm absolutely sober. I've won an Aria and an Acra award, but being runner up is the pinnacle. But I'm absolutely devastated to lose - I demand a recount. I believe the Russians are involved."
Triple M's Luke Darcy had mounted an extensive on-air campaign to boost his numbers and finished third, just ahead of Nova's Marty Sheargold, who beat his eighth-placed co-star Tim Blackwell.
Marty is also the proud owner of the second sexiest beard in Australia. He was robbed by heartthrob Chris Hemsworth who took first place.
The race between Hughsy and Ray was tight! (Image: Channel Nine)
Reigning champ Brendan Jones came sixth this year, one place below ARN stablemate Kyle Sandilands.
ABC Melbourne legend John Faine, who is set to retire in October, was a surprise entry in 9th place after his station posted a photo of him on Twitter and declared that he should win.
As the hottest radio hunk on air, Ray will be starring in a sexy photo shoot and we can't wait to see if he's as good behind the camera as he is on the mic. The last Take 5's Radio Hunk, Jonesy, stared in a sexy photo shoot inspired by Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and Channing Tatum's Magic Mike.
Jonesy's sexy photo shoot. We can't wait to see Ray's! (Image: Supplied)
In case you missed the selection, here were Australia's top 20 hottest radio hunks.
  1. Ray Hadley (2GB)
  2. Dave Hughes (Hit Network)
  3. Luke Darcy (Triple M, Melbourne)
  4. Marty Sheargold (Nova)
  5. Mick Molloy (Triple M, Melbourne)
  6. Kyle Sandilands (Kiis FM, Sydney)
  7. Brendan Jones (WSFM, Sydney)
  8. Tim Blackwell (Nova)
  9. Jon Faine (ABC, Melbourne)
  10. Dylan Alcott (Hit Network)
  11. Michael 'Wippa' Wipfli (Nova, Sydney)
  12. Sam Pang (Nova, Melbourne)
  13. Mark Soderstrom (Mix FM, Adelaide)
  14. Ryan 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald (Nova, Sydney)
  15. Ben Fordham (2GB)
  16. Robbie Klitzing (Red FM, WA)
  17. Rob Palmer (2GO, Central Coast)
  18. Moonman (Triple M, Sydney)
  19. Jay Shipston (Triple M, Whitsundays)
  20. Dane McGuirk (Hit Network)
  21. Woody Whitelaw (Kiis FM, Sydney)
  22. Ed Kavalee (2Day FM, Sydney
  23. Michael Genovese (6PR, Perth)
  24. Tom Elliot (3AW, Melbourne)
  25. Gus Worland (Triple M, Sydney)
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