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Quintuplet mum’s amazing makeover: My fabulous $18,000 body!

Having quins destroyed her figure – now this supermum loves her new look.

Kim Tucci gazes down at the five wriggly bodies that have had her running since they came into the world nine months ago – and allows herself 
a moment of reflection. “I did good,” she tells herself proudly. “I did real good.”
Babies Allison, Beatrix and Penelope are a picture of health, while Tiffany and Keith have sprouted so rapidly they’re 
“off the growth charts."
But carrying quintuplets came at a cost for 27-year-old Kim, who was already a mother to Kurt, eight, Aiva, four, and two-year-old Indiana before she conceived her five-strong brood naturally.
Then and now: Gowned up, ready for the quins' birth. After having several reconstructive procedures, Kim says she's never felt better.
“In the months after giving birth, I’d look in the mirror and see 
a ruined body,” she explains. “I thought I was beyond help, like no amount of working out or eating correctly could save me.”
But Kim’s problem was more than aesthetic. She had been struggling to lift her babies, or even push a trolley. When she finally braved the office of Perth plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Tim Cooper six months after giving birth, she was desperate for help.
WATCH: Kim's genius way she keeps her quins happy. Post continues after the video...
The quins are all happy and thriving!
Kim’s jaw dropped when she was told the procedures would cost $18,000. Money like that was completely out of her price range – she and husband Vaughn 33, were already struggling to provide for their giant family.
Dr. Cooper saw the desperation in Kim’s eyes and knew he had to help. He offered to subsidise her surgery so Kim could afford it. And the results are spectacular.
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