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REAL LIFE: I was thrown in a Greek jail for something I didn't do

When pranks go wrong, the ramifications can be serious!

By Brittany Smith
There's a fine line between a hilarious prank and a cruel joke. We've compiled seven of the most ridiculous prank disasters.

Cell block tango

Good friends Shona Cox and Vicki Albone, both 20, were on a dream holiday in Greece and had gotten chummy with a few Greek men.
They headed to the beach together, and when one of the men went swimming, Shona and Vicki grabbed his clothes and hid them along the shore.
They thought it was a harmless joke, but when they arrived at their hotel they were greeted by police, who demanded they return the clothes they'd stolen, including a $700 Rolex watch.
They tried to explain they didn't have the clothes or watch but were thrown in a cell for three days.
The men had claimed Shona and Vicki had run off with the items, instead of simply hiding them.
"It was the most terrifying experience," Shona later recalled of the filthy cell. "There was writing on the walls smeared in blood."
After three days, the women were found not guilty and released.
Shona and Vicki.

Tricky Toy

When a police officer in Florida opened a package at work the last thing he expected to see was a colourful bomb along with a note that read 'boom'.
Jumping straight into action, the officer, Lieutenant Joseph Gerretz, evacuated the entire station before the K9 bomb-detection dogs were released at the scene.
Eventually, experts discovered the dangerous explosive was actually a toy that had been sent as a joke by Joseph's colleague, Deputy James Piper.
James resigned as soon as he realised how out of hand his prank had been.
Turns out the bomb was a fake. Photo credit: Fox News

Chocolate surprise

When a Melbourne family gathered for a birthday party, they expected to indulge in cake and ice-cream.
But they got more than they bargained for.
A family member in his 20's had spiked the celebratory cake with marijuana.
When slices were passed around, covered in chocolate sprinkles, fruit and cream, everyone quickly gobbled it up.
The prank, which was meant as harmless fun, soon went awry when five family members started suffering dizziness, vomiting and even anaphylaxis.
They were rushed to hospital and treated immediately.
Two of the sufferers were aged in their 80s while another was allergic to cannabis and had to be given adrenaline.
The culprit simply said that he thought the marijuana would "liven up the family birthday party".
The cake packed a punch.

Criminal profile

When Christopher Pereira logged into Facebook, he found out his friend, Drayson Lim, had been robbed by a clumsy thief who left his phone at the scene.
At the end of his post about the break-in, Drayson put a link to the thief's Facebook profile.
When Christopher clicked on it, he was shocked to see his own profile pop up.
The entire post was a prank, not just on Christopher but all of Drayson's friends.
Whoever clicked the link was taken to their own profile.
Christopher didn't find it funny.
Even after people explained how the prank worked, he filed a complaint with police.
No charges were laid but the original prankster did threaten to file his own complaint against his friend for not getting the joke.
Image Credit: Mothership

Who’s your daddy?

When a woman decided to prank her boyfriend by pretending to be pregnant, she set up a hidden camera in her living room and waited for him to come over.
Once he arrived, she revealed that, after three years of dating, they were expecting their first child.
Far from crying tears of joy, he erupted into full-blown panic.
"Is this a prank?" he asked repeatedly. "Tell me or it will be really bad."
She continually insisted she was telling the truth. After a few minutes of denial, her boyfriend exploded.
"I can't have children!" he roared.
The woman stood there shocked, struggling to believe that her boyfriend had neglected to mention this about his fertility for three whole years.
Upset and furious, she turned on him, unleashing a tirade of abuse.
That's when the boyfriend started laughing and admitted he was lying.
He'd known all along that she was pranking him and decided to get his revenge by turning the joke on her.

Trunk Stunt

In most office jobs, wearing something as casual as a pair of shorts can get you in trouble.
But Shaun Haggerty, from England, decided to push the envelope, all in the name of a prank.
Donning nothing but a hi-vis vest, work boots and what was described as an "elephant thong willy warmer", he strolled through the warehouse where he worked as a pallet repairer.
It had all started as a bet from his mates and Shaun, known as a practical joker, was more than happy to make his colleagues laugh.
But his boss didn't see the funny side and the prankster was sacked over the revealing stunt.
His manager wrote that Shaun had displayed "gross misconduct on grounds of health and safety and common decency".
Shaun's mates disagreed and flooded his Facebook page with praise.
It was no big deal...Photo credit: Ebay

Ring of fire

Brent Dixon, 40, from Torquay, Vic, was gathered around a campfire at his mate's buck's party, when one of the men decided to pull a prank on the others.
He threw an aerosol spray can into the flames, expecting it to cause a small flare-up. Instead, a huge explosion erupted.
Within seconds, Brent was engulfed. Luckily, his quick-thinking friends rushed him to a nearby river, where the fire was extinguished.
Unfortunately, Brent suffered burns to 14 per cent of his body, including his face, hands and the right side of his body.
In hospital, he took the opportunity to warn others about the dangers of mixing aerosols with an open fire.
He used his burns as a lesson.
Photo credit: Channel 7
Brent's awful injuries.
Photo credit: Channel 9

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