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I'm a polygamist: meet my husband...and my LOVER!

Some people think what we’re doing is disgusting, but it works for us.

By As told to Take 5

Laura, 24, shares her true life story

I couldn't take my eyes off the silent boy in the classroom.
Dressed in black, with long blond hair, Zach looked just like a rock star.
I had to speak to him.
At 16, I was much more forward and outgoing than the other girls at school.
"You have pretty hair," I began. "Can I braid it?"
"Guess so," he replied nervously.
Running my hands through his silky locks, I sensed how anxious he was.
The bad-boy look was all just an act.
Once we got to know each other, it was clear we had a lot in common.
We both played the piano and loved to go hiking. Soon enough we started dating.
After three years together, I began spending time with Jon, another friend from high school.
We'd known each other since we were 15 but I hadn't paid him much attention at the time.
Zach was so sweet, and we fell in love quickly. Image credit: Getty
Back then, Jon was the sweet, nerdy, red-haired guy who would help me with my science homework.
There hadn't been any attraction, but now I realised I had feelings for him.
But I loved Zach too much to betray him.
We were engaged by then. I plucked up the courage to tell him I was torn.
Amazingly, Zach just shrugged.
So Jon and I started seeing each other.
Over the next few weeks, I realised we were falling for each other. But I still loved Zach.
"I don't want to just date you," Jon said. "I want more."
So, bizarre as it sounds, I carried on seeing both of them.
They got on really well, so it just seemed natural.
I didn't see any reason to hide what me, Zach and Jon were doing from my family.
"I wish I'd thought of this when I was younger!" Mum said. Dad was also supportive.
Me and Jon had chemistry, and Zach didn't seem to mind! Image credit: Getty
Not everyone reacted positively.
People started to torment us over Facebook.
What you're doing is worse than bestiality! someone wrote.
The cruellest message was from a girl who had once been one of my closest friends.
I hope you never have children, she wrote.
They just don't understand, I thought, determined not to let anyone get the best of me.
What you're doing is worse than bestiality! someone wrote. Image credit: Getty
Nothing was going to stop the special relationship the three of us shared.
When Zach and I got married, Jon baked the cake.
Later, I fell pregnant, but didn't know which of them was the father.

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