Real Life

REAL LIFE: "I proposed to my boyfriend with pizza!"

He's got a pizza my heart.

By Laura Masia

Jasmine Ireland, 28, from Adelaide, SA, shares her real life story:

My heart pounded as I watched my partner, Jamie, line up to kick the soccer ball towards the goal.
This is it, I thought.
But the goalie caught it seconds before it hit the net.
"Good try, babe!" I called out, disappointed.
Although I loved watching Jamie's soccer games, they didn't usually get my heart racing quite as much as that night, and with good reason.
This time, as soon as he scored a goal, I planned to walk onto the field and propose to him.
Jamie and Jasmine hit it off quickly. Image: Take 5
I'd first met Jamie two years earlier. My high school friend Kristy-Anne had just returned from the UK and wanted to set me up with a guy she knew. I wasn't so keen.
"I don't do blind dates," I told her sternly.
But she didn't give up and took me along to one of his soccer matches.
"What do you think?" she grinned cheekily, pointing out Jamie on the pitch.
Although he was far away, I could tell he was cute.
Afterwards, we went to her friend's place to watch the Manchester United game on telly.
When we arrived, Jamie was there, too.
Just as Kristy-Anne had predicted, we got on like a house on fire.
Jasmine and her four kids, three from a previous relationship. Image: Take 5
Jamie and I started dating and I quickly fell for him.
As soccer players, we had similar interests, and he was great with my kids, Daniel, 10, Charlotte, eight, and Arya, six.
But most of all, I loved his honesty.
After a year and a half, we had a son, Jarvis, now 10 months. Our little family felt complete.
Playing soccer carried us through the good times and the bad.
Whenever we scored a goal during a match, we'd celebrate by ordering pizza.
One day, I saw a competition on Facebook to win a pizza-shaped engagement ring.
It was a diamond-encrusted silver band with a gold slice of pizza and embedded rubies to look like pepperoni.
The couple's unique pizza ring! Image: Take 5
Sure, it was unconventional, but for Jamie and me, it was perfect.
So, I recorded a 30-second video explaining why I should win and sent it in.
"That's cool," Jamie laughed when I told him.
Neither of us expected anything to come of it, but three months later, I got a call saying we'd won!
I decided to keep it a secret and surprise Jamie.
Now, as he lined up on the soccer field to score another goal, it was all about to happen.
The crowd cheered as the ball slipped through the goalkeeper's hands and into the net.
I took a deep breath and marched towards Jamie.
"What are you doing?" he asked, looking confused.
"I kind of love you and we've been together this long," I said, getting down on one knee as the crowd around us went wild.
Jasmine got down on one knee and proposed to Jamie. Image: Take 5
"You're not…" he grinned.
"Will you marry me?" I asked, whipping out the pizza ring.
"I can't believe you won that!" he laughed. "Of course I will!"
I jumped into his arms.
We're planning to get married in two years' time and one thing's for sure: we'll be serving pizza at the reception!

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