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Photographer accidentally snapped the most magical wedding photo

The internet has gone crazy over a Sydney photographer who captured a newlywed couple’s embrace as heavy rain clouds broke behind them in Sydney Harbour.

By Chloe Lal
The now iconic photo was taken on Saturday at Bradley's Head overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
The stunning snap has been flying around social media and since it went viral photographer Sam Yeldham was on a mission to track down the couple his breathtaking image.
“I was (for some crazy reason) shooting a time lapse sequence this weekend, trying to capture the storm roll over the city from Bradley’s Head in Mosman. Right before sunset, a very newlywed coupled approached with their wedding photographer. It was consistently drizzling so they were debating whether or not to take their wedding
photographs out in the open,” Sam explained to Buzzfeed Australia.
Calling out across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter the Sydneysider began his search.
“Over the weekend I snapped some pretty epic images of a lovely newlywed couple on their first sunset as husband and wife. I have quite a few images of them and would love to pass it all on,” he shared on Facebook.
“If you had any friends get married at Bradley's Head in Sydney on Saturday the 26th of September and visited the shoreline around 5:30 then please pass on my details,” he added, before mentioning this was his first wedding photo.
Revealed! The couple in the photo are newlyweds Chris Galvin and Jessica Pearson, who are celebrating now honeymooning in Hawaii. The spectacular image was captured by Sydney-based photographer, Sam Yeldham (inset).
Amazingly the city of Sydney banded together and through the magical powers of the internet, they were able to track down the bride and groom.
Friends quickly tracked down groom Chris Galvin and bride Jessica Pearson on the other side of the world.
And in a beautiful turn of events, Chris took to Instagram to comment on Sam's post.
“Hi @samyeldham you can call off the search! This is me and my wife @jessicapearson4 !!! What a great photo! Thank you so much for reaching out. Can I get your email address?” He wrote on Wednesday afternoon.
Quick to respond, the Sydney photographer quipped, “AMAZING! I will call off the helicopters for you and @jessicapearson4 - I will message you my email! Lovely to connect!”
Chris, who is currently honeymooning in Hawaii, told the Daily Mail Australia, “Our phones suddenly went crazy! It was the last thing we were expecting.”
Sam joked to ninemsn Pickle that he was concerned “invading their privacy and getting their special day plastered all over the internet.”
But we think it was the perfect wedding gift anyone could ever give!

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