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Here's why Perth twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque had 14 procedures in 14 days!

Anna and Lucy are the “world's most identical twins”.

By Natalee Fuhrmann
With their perfect smiles, flawless skin and stencilled eyebrows, Anna and Lucy De Cinque appear, well, immaculate when they spoke to Woman's Day back in 2014.
But the (now 32-year-old) look-alike sisters explained they wanted to be defect free, which they quickly discovered, is an expensive hobby.
"We're always on the lookout for how we can improve ourselves," Anna said, giddy with joy, after emerging from 14 beauty procedures in as many days with her twin.
Anna and Lucy are the world's most identical twins according to their Instagram profile.
"It's got to the point now where we're searching for flaws in each other. At the first sign of something we don't like, we start saving to fix it – because we want to have porcelain skin."
The self-obsessed siblings came to worldwide attention in 2012, after announcing they are two individuals living one life.
Back in 2012, the sisters revealed they shared the same job in aged care, wore the same clothes, shoes and jewellery, slept in the same bed, ate the same food and shared both a handbag and bank account.
In 2014, they debuted their shared boyfriend, Ben Byrne, sending the social media trolls into overdrive.

"We get called 'plastic figures' and people say we've wrecked ourselves," said Lucy, who always stands on the left in photographs, and elects to sit in the back seat of their shared car.
"But we've got thick skin, and we think we look better now than how we used to look."
"The mini-surgeries are painful, but we get excited for the end result and the boost it gives our confidence."
The twins with their boyfriend, Ben Byrne.
On the $5000 shopping list; skin needling, mole removal, pixel lasering, lip filling and tattooing, and eyebrow tattooing.
The procedures left the attention-seeking sisters with blood-red swollen faces, and sleep deprived after 14 nights of pain.
"Nurofen was our new best friend," laughed Anna, who had been the one to start the ball rolling after identifying seven moles on Lucy's back that 'needed removing'.

"Some days we weren't allowed outside, others we were banned from showering and sweating, and we had many nights sleeping in front of a fan because it felt like our faces were on fire."
"I'd wake up and say, 'Oi, is your face hot?' And Lucy would agree, before waking me and asking the same thing a bit later."
"After the skin needling, Ben wasn't allowed to kiss us, then it was icepacks and no harsh kissing again (on doctor's orders) after our lips were topped up with restylane filler."
"It hurt to smile after the pixel lasering because our skin was so swollen and tight – and it felt like we had a bubble faces."
But it was all worth it, and while they hadn't fully recovered from their most recent bout of surgeries, the sisters had already started saving for their next appointment with the needle and scalpel.
"We love the limelight and making an impression," said Lucy, admitting the pair had even commissioned 'fan cards' to hand out to the hordes of admirers who, even back then approached them when they're out and about in public.
"We're definitely addicted to surgeries and we're not ashamed to admit it!"

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