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Newlyweds surprise dying Grandma at hospital

If Grandma can't come to the wedding, take the wedding to Grandma.

When a bad fall prevented 91-year-old Peg McCormack from attending the the wedding she'd been "living for," she didn't sit around feeling sorry for herself reports Today.
Apparanty she dressed in her wedding outfit, corsage and all and sat in her hospital bed, thinking of her family gathering and watching her beloved grandson marrying the love of his life.
But her grandson, Brian Kurtulik and his now-wife Lauren could not let the day pass without seeing his Grandma.
In between the ceremony and the reception the couple dropped by the hospital in their wedding garb to give her a kiss and a hug - a joyous event that elicited more than a few happy tears from McCormack.
"Brian and Lauren mentioned to me that they wanted to take a small detour on the way back to their wedding venue to visit Brian's 91-year-old grandmother," photographer Rachel Nolan of Hello Gorgeous Photography told TODAY.com in a phone interview. "She had been so excited for this day. She was living for this wedding."
"It meant the world to bring the wedding to her," the groom told Huffington Post. "It was such a small portion of the day to trade in for such a special moment."
McCormack may have been dressed and ready for the special occasion, but the drop-in by the couple took her completely by surprise.
"So there she sat in her wedding outfit, thinking of her sweet grandson on his wedding day, with no idea of what was to come," said Nolan with a laugh. "She truly had no idea that Brian and Lauren were going to take time out of their wedding day to come see her, and I think that is part of what made it so special.
Peg McCormack passed away about a month after these photos, which only goes to show what a special moment it was for both her, and the happy couple.

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