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Murdered Melbourne backpacker’s final words to her dad

“It’s dangerous, Dad, I don’t know if I should be going over there.”

Elly Warren was in Mozambique pursuing her passion for marine biology and underwater conservation. Her body has been found in a toilet block – she was allegedly raped and murdered.
The 20-year-old woman from Mordialloc in Melbourne had been spending time on a diving trip with a tour group operating in the southern African nation called Africa Underwater days.
She had booked two nights at the Wuyani Pariango backpackers hostel in Tofo Beach, a place which was described online as having a "pumping nightlife" – she never got to spend a night there as her body was found on Wednesday.
Her grieving father, Paul Warren told 7 News of his daughter's chilling last words before she jetted off to Africa.
Paul Warren, her grieving dad. PHOTO: 7 News
"She even told me: 'It's dangerous dad, I don't know if I should be going over there’,” he said.
"And I said to her: 'Yes it is, very dangerous'."
Ms Warren had been at a party with friends on Wednesday and for some reason left on her own and this was when she was attacked.
She was due to return to Melbourne on Monday where she was meeting up with her boyfriend to go off to New Zealand.
Ms Warren's family are urging the Australian Federal Police to travel to Mozambique to ensure there is a proper investigation.
“I hope they catch them,” Mr Warren said adding his daughter was “a treasure” who everybody loved.
They are traveling to Mozambique to bring home her body.
Her sister Kristy Warren has shared the news of her family’s tragic loss on Facebook. “My sister was in Africa whilst my mum got a phone call from one of the backpackers saying to her that her daughter has been murdered," she wrote.
"As I heard that my heart dropped. It is a parent's nightmare to get a phone call like this.
"Elly was always ambitious and had so many goals to go traveling, but maybe she had too many."
Wither her boyfriend Luke. PHOTO: Facebook
Kristy warned others travelling overseas to take caution for their safety.
"I want to say if you are thinking of going travelling or going overseas please be careful and (mindful of) who you go with.”
A Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesperson told 7 News that consular assistance would be provided to the victim's family, but due to privacy obligations, were unable to provide further information.

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