Mum pays tribute to baby lost to miscarriage

The photographer suffered nine miscarriages before having her three children

Photographer Victoria Doyle has paid tribute to a baby she lost in 2006, after she took a photo of her three children and noticed it appeared as if her son Jensen was holding hands with someone who wasn’t there.
Victoria – who suffered nine devastating miscarriages before having Darcy, 8, Jenson, 5, and Blake, 2 – decided to turn the gorgeous photograph into a tribute to the child she lost at four months nine years ago by adding an “apparition” to the image.
“The thing is he/she would have been 9 now and taller than Darcy, so I wanted the little figure to have a playful feel about them,” Victoria told Buzzfeed.
Afterwards, Victoria posted the image to her business’s Facebook page to help raise awareness for Baby Loss Awareness Week in the U.K.
“Although it was a long nine years ago I feel that lump in my throat and ache in my heart every time I think about it.”
“I think it is important to try and increase understanding of pregnancy and infant death, an issue that a lot of us avoid talking about predominantly through fear and discomfort.”
All images via Victoria Doyle

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