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Michael Jackson’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe diagnosed with breast cancer

And estranged daughter Paris Jackson doesn’t know

By Elizabeth Best
The ex-wife of singer Michael Jackson and mother of his children Debbie Rowe has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
But according to TMZ, Debbie’s daughter Paris Jackson doesn’t even know.
The 57-year-old former nurse only received the awful news recently.
She’s reportedly undergoing treatment for the condition and it’s not known what the prognosis is.
Debbie only recently got the bad news.
Paris has been estranged from her mother for the past year.
But because 18-year-old Paris cut off all ties with her mother a year ago, she wasn’t aware of Debbie’s serious condition.
The two were apparently very close after Michael died, a fact that the Jackson family were reportedly not happy with at the time.
See the incredibly rare footage of Michael Jackson playing with his young children below. Post continues.
But as Paris began to grow up and became embroiled in her own problems, her relationship with her mother fell apart.
Debbie has reportedly said she believes the Jacksons deliberately drove a wedge between them.
Debbie and Michael were always viewed as an odd pairing by the public.
The blonde was married to the King of Pop for three years, until 1999.
She had two children to the Thriller singer, 19-year-old Prince, and Paris.
It is unknown who the biological mother of Blanket Jackson is.

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