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Melbourne PT’s hideous body shaming comment about overweight woman

'Strength Sensei' took a photo of an overweight woman then taunted: 'It must be hot… she started melting'.

A personal trainer who dubs himself the Strength Sensei has shown the weakest side of humanity in a recent Facebook post where mocked the appearance of a total stranger.

Charles Poliquin uploaded photo of a large woman to his Facebook page and cruelly captioned the shot: ‘It must be hot… she started melting’.

The Melbourne PT continued to tell his 200,000 followers: “Or many (sic) it is epigenetics, she is expressing the marshmallow gene because of her consumption of high fructose corn syrup.”

But the internet did not like his post and soon Poliquin was reportedly bombarded with fiery comments from people who saw it and disagreed with his choice to degrade a stranger so publicly.

One Melbourne gym, [JPS Health and Fitness](

|target=”_blank”), took to Facebook to condemn the “Sensei”:

“Bullying and making fun of those who are overweight and obese is not only morally incorrect, but is of no benefit to the problem and epidemic we face,” wrote JPS on its Facebook page.

“For someone who claims to be a ‘leader’ in the fitness industry, it is disgusting to see him, let alone anyone, put down and make a mockery of someone who is out of shape.”

Adding, “Respect = 0… Not that there was much there to begin with. Shame on you Strength Sensei.”

Other pundits told the trainer to ‘rethink his career’ after the ‘distasteful’ and ‘cowardly’ post.

“Any truly strong person knows you never ever look down on someone unless you are helping them up,” one woman wrote, reported the Daily Mail.

According to Poliquin then issued an apology which said he took “full responsibility for the comment,” while adding, “I realise people are victims or not knowing the truth, being conditioned incorrectly, and bad programming.”

The apology was later removed.

And the brief apology seemed to dig him into a deeper hole. PT Gareth Street said what support the Strength Sensei did get for his post made him feel “ashamed” of the fitness community.

“His retraction just doesn’t excuse his outrageous and disgusting behaviour,” wrote Street. “What’s worse is the support and likes he’s received from fitness professionals.”

He added: “I’m ashamed that my industry in any small way deems this acceptable and those that do should be ashamed of themselves!”

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