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Drunk & disorderly! The funniest racegoer antics at the 2018 Melbourne Cup

Pour yourself a champers, you're in for a treat.

By Alex Lilly
Even if you're not a fan of the races, Melbourne Cup day always provides the goods when it comes to drunk and disorderly punters.
It's the race that stops a nation but it's also an excuse for Aussies to smash a few champagnes and enjoy the novelty of getting drunk on a Tuesday.
We've rounded up the best of this year's hooligans from the best (or worst) dressed, to the ones who've had a few too many. And let's just say, us Aussies know how to party.

Interesting outfits

It may be a miserable day at Flemington, but the punters have brightened up the day with their colourful ensembles.
One woman arrived bright and early in a blue lace jumpsuit with a matching blue hat, about five times the size of her head.
Speaking of matching, there is A LOT of it going on at Flemington today!
This blue jumpsuit certainly stands out in the crowd. (Image: Media Mode)
This man should have been sent home to change because no one likes cultural appropriation. (Image: Media Mode)
From their jazzy fedoras to the coordinated outfits, this couple know how to make an entrance. (Image: Media Mode)
Dressed for the occasion. (Image: Media Mode)

Wet weather

It seems that nothing will stop these spectators from having a good time at the races.
The rain hit Flemington Racecourse hard but many chose to whack on a rain poncho, pull out their umbrellas and endure the wild weather. And that didn't even wipe the smile off some people's faces.
The crowds looked a little damp as they huddled for cover. (Image: Getty Images)
At least these two are still having a blast. (Image: Getty Images)
Don't lose your balance ladies! (Image: Getty Images)
Not only has the big race has been pushed back due to the weather conditions, but according to the Herald Sun, 35mm of rain has fallen on Flemington since 9am, the second highest amount of rainfall since the 46.5mm that fell during the 1942 Melbourne Cup.
Trains, trams and flights have been delayed and it's become so desperate, people are whipping off their heels and making a run for it!
The rain is coming down hard and fast in Flemington. (Image: Getty Images)
Making a run for it in the rain. (Image: Media Mode)
The heels are off! (Image: AAP)

The clothes are coming off

This punter was snapped before 9am, that's dedication. (Image: Media Mode)