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Meet the world’s fattest man

Meet the world’s fattest man

The world’s fattest man who weighs in at 369.09 kilos (812 pounds) has said winning the title has finally made him determined to lose weight.

Keith Martin, 42, from London says that throughout his life he has been able to give up other addictions including smoking and alcohol, but hasn’t been able to give up his addiction to food.

“Finding out that I’m the fattest man in the world has been the wake-up call I needed,” he said.

“I don’t blame anyone other than myself for this horrible situation. Doctors have told me I won’t reach 50 unless I do something drastic.”

Martin, who has not left his home since September 11, 2001 – more than 10 years ago – requires a specialist team of eight men to move him and has had a number of health issues including two giant hernias. He has been instructed by doctors to lose weight or risk death.

“I am trying to heed their advice, but nothing has hit home like the headlines around the world talking about my weight. It has been a horrible week, but it’s made me even more determined,” he said.

Martin’s usual daily shopping list costs him $55 and includes a packet of bacon, six sausages, six eggs with a mound of toast and beans for breakfast, more of the same plus sandwiches for lunch and two large pizzas, three kebabs or Chinese for dinner.

In addition, Martin says he also snacks on packets of cookies, sweets, cakes and chocolate. At night, the snacking continues with another four sandwiches with ham, spam or bacon, two litres of coke and six cups of coffee with sugar.

He says since being crowned the world’s fattest man he has cut down on his 20,000 calories a day diet and now eats only four slices of bread and a ready meal. He occasionally treats himself to a can of mini hotdogs or spam.

“I used to eat four Big Macs plus fries and an apple turnover for lunch. Now, I can honestly say I don’t even miss food. I have to do this for myself and my family,” he said.

Now, Martin says he is working towards being happy and do the things that normal people do, like sitting in a normal-sized chair.

“The last time I was able to sit in a chair was seven years ago – and that was a two-seater,” he said.

“I just want to be happy, without needing food to make me happy. I want to be able to take my border collie, Cheyanne, for a walk – I’d take her wherever she wanted to go.”

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