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Meet brave burns survivor Dana Vulin

She calls herself a “modern-day Frankenstein” but Dana is proud of her disfigured body.

Dana Vulin, now 30, has been in and out of treatments and operations since February 2012.
She suffered severe burns to 65 per cent of her body when drug-crazed Natalie Dimitrovska broke into her Perth flat and falsely accused Dana 
of sleeping with her ex-husband. Edin Handanovic – a man Dana had met only once.
Natalie then doused her in methylated spirits, turning her into a “human fireball”.
“The moment I was on fire, Natalie laughed and ran out of my flat,” says Dana.
Dana's bravery made national headlines. Watch her incredible story in the video player below! Article continues...
The burns were so bad Dana’s neck was fused to her chest. She lay in a coma for weeks, and for months after that remained in intensive care in hospital.
“I made the decision that 
I wanted to live as soon as I woke from my coma, because 
I was determined not to let 
evil win,” she tells us proudly.
And Dana has every reason to be proud – she is an incredible survivor.
Dana, pictured before the attack, was in the prime of her life.
Now, after thousands of needles and over three years wearing 
a compression suit, Dana’s bravely shown her scars to the world for the first time.
“I’ve come to accept my whole body,” she tells us.
“I think it’s unique and beautiful.”
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