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Man shaves for the first time in 20 years, wife doesn’t even recognise him

Would you encourage your partner to get a makeover this drastic?

By Ellie McDonald
Full-length, farmer-style overalls, hair past shoulder-length and a moustache-beard combination that hasn’t been trimmed in the past two decades – yep, it’s fair to say that Jeff Schultz isn’t quite the same man Lori Schultz married 30 years ago.
And it was this dis-tressing revelation, which was inadvertently brought to her attention, that caused Mrs Schultz, 53, to take action.
"A couple months ago, my mum had cleaned out her attic and had a bunch of old pictures of my husband when we were dating,” Mrs Schultz remembered, before going on to detail what her last-resort plan for her hubby’s man-tenance would be.
Mrs Schultz decided to write into American TV host Rachael Ray of The Rachael Ray show, pleading, "I love my husband inside-out, just help me with the outside."
Well, that the TV host did, calling on a barber to take her razor to Mr Schultz's roots, as well as sprucing up the 52-year-old’s style for a complete makeover.
While Mr Schultz was seemingly ecstatic with his fresh look, fighting back tears as he looked at his before-and-after shots, Mrs Schultz could barely contain her, err, total shock.
"That's not my husband!" she said upon seeing her husband after his four-day New York makeover, unable to recognise the love of her life without his signature strands.
“His skin hasn't seen fresh air for 20 years!”
Watch Mr Schultz’s incredible makeover (and his wife’s reaction) in the video below.

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