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Man meows at cat who wakes him up, gets trolled for animal cruelty

But is it actually cruel?

By Ellie McDonald
Cat owner Nicolas Tecosky is having trouble sleeping – and it’s all down to his ginger kitty Italics.
Unaware that Nicolas, like the rest of us, needs sleep to function at work/in life the next day, it seems that Italics has a habit of keeping Nicolas up at night with its meowing, giving owner Nicolas a wake-up call every morning at 4am.
So, Nicolas decided to take matters into his own hands by giving Italics a taste of its own meow-dicine.
As Italics sleeps, Nicolas wakes it up with one almighty (albeit slightly strange) meow, causing Italics to sit up right, awake and alert.
‘Were you sleeping? Were you sleeping?’ Nicolas then asks his cat. ‘Don’t meow in the middle of the night!’
In what appears to be a sleep-deprived snap decision to teach his cat a lesson, Nicolas uploaded his video to Facebook and YouTube, with critics quick to jump to Italics’ defense.
One YouTuber commented on his video, “You are a terrible person. Terrible. Waking up an animal, human or not, from a nap, is an unforgivable crime , no matter the reason. Get off our earth, you piece of filth.”
Then, another agreed, stating: “You’re a bad owner. Sleeping too much, meowing in middle of the night, your cat is depressed.”
One more user topped these comments, writing: “Man, I think you are, like, the most evil person after Hitler.”
While meowing into Italics’ face while sleeping isn’t the most conventional approach (and is even a little brash), would you compare Nicolas to Hitler and say this is animal cruelty? Tell us by commenting on our Facebook page.

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