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Canberra man loses legal bid to get engagement ring back from ex-fiancée

The dispute went to a civil tribunal in the ACT.

By Lorna Gray
Engagement breakdowns can be messy at the best of times but this dumped groom-to-be tried to take legal action against his former fiancée - to reclaim the cost of the engagement ring.
Bilal Omari, from Canberra, and Fadwa Yassine, from Melbourne were set to have an arranged marriage and celebrated their engagement in May last year.
Unfortunately, the relationship broke down five months later, the MailOnline reporting this was due to his refusal to relocate to Melbourne (which had apparently been a stipulation).
Documents recording the former couple's legal dispute were filed in the ACT's Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) but senior ACAT member Graeme Lunney dismissed the legal bid, meaning Fadwa can keep the engagement ring.
“It was mutual recognition of an unhappy state of affairs that was beyond repair. In those circumstances the Tribunal lacks jurisdiction to adjudicate the dispute.”
We guess it’ll save them both more legal fees if they’re looking for the positives.

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