Real Life

Footy mum by day, exorcist by night

When she’s not busy with her kids, Lizzy fights demons.

By Belinda Wanis
Mum-of-five Lizzy Rose potters around her kitchen making cups of tea while her boys, Brett and Alex, type on their mobile phones.
It would look like a scene from any other Australian home… if it wasn’t for the pentagram drawn on the living room floor.
While 46-year-old Lizzy is a 
very ordinary mum, she also has a very unusual job: as one of the country’s only female exorcists.
As a youngster Lizzy had a very religious upbringing. When she told her mother she could see ghosts at the age of four, she was taken to a Catholic church to be exorcised of demons.
“There was nothing demonic 
in me or around me, but as a four-year-old the experience was terrifying,” she says.
Nevertheless, Lizzy was drawn towards spirituality.
As a teen she became involved with Christian motorcycle group the God Squad, who invited her to come and witness the exorcism of a young woman. What she saw that day changed Lizzy’s life forever.
It wasn’t until six years later,
 at 22, that Lizzy performed her first exorcism.
“Today I do anything from two to five exorcisms a week in my house,” Lizzy explains.
She can rid people and building of negative energy.
It’s not just the supernatural that Lizzy has to contend with.
“People will come to me to 
be exorcised from a number of things,” she explains. “It’s all about negative energy. It might 
be depression, bad luck, constant health problems, relationship patterns, mental illness…
“An exorcism can help release what you’ve absorbed from your surroundings, your experiences, your family, your past lives. If you can release something that’s not working for you, then it can be 
a healing thing,” she says.
“I know others are sceptical about it, but growing up around it I know it’s real. I’ve seen some very bizarre things happen.”
Lizzy with her sons Brett and Alex.
Lizzy understands movies and TV shows shape people’s initial judgements of her, but once they meet her, they quickly realise she is just like any other mum.
“People who know me get that deep down I’m just an ordinary mum who likes to go to the park with my boys for a picnic, or to kick around a football.”
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