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Aussie dad's Facebook video addressing rape culture is going viral for all the right reasons

"Three of the easiest words you can live by: No means no. That's not hard to understand," the father of two says.

By Holly Royce
Jakson Elfring is just your average Aussie bloke. He's a Dad of two boys and a tradie from Hazelwood, south-east of Melbourne.
Today, Jakson was praised on a national scale after recording and sharing a video on social media, advising men to have more respect for women, with a good start being "respect for your mum."
The video is just short of five minutes and was made after Jackson and his partner started to notice an increase in the number of sexual assaults being reported not just in their area, but Australia wide.
Watch the video and read the comments below
"Three of the easiest words you can live by: No means no. That's not hard to understand," the father of two says in the clip.
"If you can't live by that, there's something wrong with you."
The comments are rolling in on Jakson's Facebook video.
Comments of support have been flooding in for the video, which has been watched over 600,000 times.
Women have applauded him for his Facebook monologue - and so have (most) men.
"Saw your video on the ABC News site. Absolutely BRILLIANT! You've put a finger on a lot of important issues. Well done!" said one bloke. "Mate it's people like you with a video like this that can change Australia and other countries as you can see you've had over 17000 views and it'll probably keep going... but I just wanted to say great job mate.. and thanks because a little goes a long way!! And I hope people can carry on the trend!! Cheers," said another.
As a single mother of a boy aged 7 I appreciate your message and consider you a role model. Thank you for taking the time to care," says one woman.
"Real men have integrity and respect for others. Jakson, you are a great role model for your sons, and for everyone."
"Thank you Jackson! You have no idea how comforting it is to hear a bloke talk about this for women," says another.
The Melbourne native told ABC Radio he hopes the video will create change.
"If me and my partner set our boys up properly, growing up to have the life skills and the respect to be able to conduct themselves, if we can teach our boys that then we've done a pretty good job," Jakson says on the radio.
"All I can say to young blokes like myself — and this probably sounds a little bit silly — at home we have a lot of Dr Seuss books and one of the Dr Seuss quotes is 'So open your mouth lad, for every voice counts'."