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Serial killer's letters from jail go viral

One of Australia’s most infamous serial killers has penned his thoughts on women, politics and even The Weekly in a series of letters published into a book by his nephew, Alistair Shipsey.

By Emily Brooks
Ivan Milat, who is serving life imprisonment after his conviction in 1996 for murdering seven backpackers, has been writing to his nephew twice a week, penning his thoughts on women, politics and his criticisms of an article The Weekly ran in 2009.
The Weekly published an exclusive story in our June issue on the serial killer after interviewing his brother, Bill, and obtaining letters Milat wrote to his him after severing off his little finger in prison.
"That lady editor of Women’s Weekly rang up Bill and Carol about that finger business" Milat wrote, while claiming he'd asked someone to send him the article to see whether The Weekly printed "a story contrary to mine."
The Weekly revealed Milat signed his letters with his name accompanied by the stick figure of 60’s TV crime-solver, The Saint, with a halo and the word 'innocent' in capital letters underneath, along with his brother's thoughts on the serial killer cutting off his finger.
"He made them do exactly what he wanted them to do. He got out of his cell, he had a change of venue, he got all that publicity in the press," Milat's brother said.
"If you were sitting in a cell for years and years, and there's no way out, what would you do? They think he's going to confess and tell them that he did it - no, no, no."
And in further letters recently published in the book, Milat maintains his innocence throughout - showing no remorse for his victims whose bodies were found in Belanglo State Forest, NSW - while his views on women and politics may cause controversy.
"I note your view on women; perhaps you may have to find a deaf or blind one, as you say there are some weird ones about. I often get them writing to me, the f*en frightening things they say," Milat writes.
"All those experts on TV/radio say that I am utterly useless, then go on to say how utterly useless the Gillard government is. Does that mean I’m prime minister material?"
Now 70 years old, Milat will continue to spend his time in his "cement cave" for the multiple murders while he is also suspected of killing at least another five women, reports The Daily Telegraph.
"The longer I live, the longer my sentence is," he wrote.

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