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I went on an overseas holiday without my kids and it was the BEST.

Cassandra Michelin tells us the 10 things she learnt from leaving her kids for three weeks.

By Cassandra Michelin
'Me time' as a mum is where sanity lies.
One night, a great friend of mine, and my husband and I were sitting around the dinner table chatting about life.
After a quick 20 minutes into our conversation we were talking about holidays and 30 minutes later I was booking a child-free, girls-only overseas holiday.
In that whirlwind moment that my husband said it was a great idea, my girlfriend and I booked our flights and started planning an unforgetable adventure around Europe.
My friend - who has no children and not much holding her back - began prepping me for the trip of a lifetime. I was so excited to jump on board the train of minimal responsibility and youth!
I’ve just arrived home from that crazy adventure and loved every minute of fun, finding myself again and just being me; kid-free!
Here are 10 things I've learnt from leaving them behind:
1. I am fun!
Somewhere between getting married and having two babies, I lost my mojo for good, crazy, clean, youthful fun.
Jumping off cliffs into the water and getting my adrenalin pumping has given me that edge I needed to find again.
Hello Santorini!!
2. There is so much more time in the day when you don't have kids.
Wow! Did you know there's time between waking up and breakfast?!
There's even time between breakfast and cleaning your teeth!
Time to think, do and enjoy!
It's amazing how much time there is in the day without little people around needing your undivided attention.
So much time just to be ME!
3. I love my husband A LOT!
I thought I would miss the kids the most but I really missed my husband!
It's funny because he works so much, I don't see him everyday anyway but while I was away, I had time to think about him and how freaking awesome he is!
Yes I missed my kids, but MAN I missed my husband!
4. I’m a nervous wreck.
From going through customs, boarding the flights, to even walking on beaches I don't know, I'm a nervous wreck.
Nervous of the unknown. Nervous of what might be. Nervous of what could happen.
I worry a lot about stuff I don't need to worry about.
Oia, Santorini. Yup, I even feel nervous in paradise!
5. There's more to life than food.
This is a cruncher for me, a great one.
As a mum, my life revolves around food; preparing food, cooking food, eating food and thinking about the next meal.
This trip has given me the chance to disconnect from food being a burden and just eat when I'm actually hungry and enjoy it.
Strawberries in Santorini. Snails in Paris.
6. Stepping out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens.
I have always believed in this message but I am really quite guarded.
My friend pushed me out of my comfort zone on a daily basis and each time I felt better in myself.
Four-wheeler fun in Greece.
7. Friendship is just as important as family.
A good friend is like family, it's someone we choose to be in our lives and we ride the adventure with.
Having this time with my friend, has been amazing. Pure girl time.
Friends are good for the soul in Biarritz, France.
8. Life is way more fun without alcohol.
Throughout our journey, we weren’t interested in drinking.
Yes, I traveled through Europe without touching alcohol and it was actually fun.
Can you believe it?! We were up early, exercising, eating well and having a ball exploring.
There was no time for silly business. Most nights we were in bed by 8pm exhausted. We had a blast, no alcohol necessary.
Not a cocktail in sight - just good, old-fashioned fun in Mykonos, Greece.
9. "Me time" as a mum is where sanity lies.
A a mum, I go cuckoo on a daily basis.
I'm overjoyed, I cry, I get angry, I scream and I laugh. Emotions are heightened 100% when you're immersed in motherhood and it makes me feel like a crazy woman!
Away though, I felt at ease, calm, and at peace with day-to-day life.
This "me time" was time to recharge and feel good within myself and therefore be a better mum.
"Me time" is snorkelling and exloring in Mykonos, Greece.
10. Life is fabulous if you allow it to be.
We get so caught up in real life stuff like money and work that we can forget that life is about living.
This trip has really concreted in me that I need to bring more fun into our little family's life.
This means less stress and "cant's".
I'm paving the way for lots re "cans" and "I will"!
Lots of fun and adventure in France.
Would you go on a three week, child-free adventure?

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