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I see dead people

After a near death experience as a child Suzie Price began to see spirits. She tells her story to The Weekly.

I had a near death experience as a child and I’ve seen dead people ever since. At first it was confusing but over time it became a precious gift.
When I was seven years old I was crossing the road and a woman ran over me and everything went black.
I remember seeing an angel or a spirit surrounded by white light. She had big blue eyes and she just felt like love. The same love that you feel from a family member but tenfold.
“I want to stay here with you,” I told her, but she said I had to go back.
I was only in hospital for a few days with a fractured jaw and abrasions, but when I got home I started to see people in my bedroom. I was a little confused by it but they weren’t frightening for me, they were usually smiling at me and looking friendly.
It’s like they wanted to communicate how they felt since they left their physical bodies behind, so most of the time the spirits gave me feelings of peace, love and joy. I didn’t understand why it was happening to me, or that it was unusual because it just felt so beautiful to experience these feelings of tranquillity that they gave me.
I told my mum that people were coming into my room, and I tried to describe them to her. She didn’t really understand what was going on so she took me to counsellors and psychologists who told mum that I just had an overactive imagination and I would grow out of it.
But I didn’t.
We didn’t come from a church or religious background but I began drawing pictures of angels; whole collections of them. It took my mum time to believe what I was telling her, but she still saved all of the pictures for many years and I still have them now.
When I was at school I would get “messages” for the kids at school. They came to me like a thought popping into my mind that was specifically meant for one child or another and for a time I would pass the messages on. I became a bit of an outcast at school because the kids thought I was weird so I eventually learned to keep it a secret. I was very attuned to the spirit energies around me and sometimes they were too strong causing me to faint at school.
The messages, the fainting, it was all too strange for others so my school years were quite difficult.
I hid my ability to see spirits for years and at 18 I saw a television show about other people who had had near death experiences and then continued to see spirits so suddenly things started to make more sense to me. I decided to go to church to find some answers.
After a few months I finally got up the courage to speak to the pastor.
I explained to him that I saw people that had passed over and he was shocked. He told me that it wasn’t a good thing, and that it was evil, and I mustn’t communicate with them anymore. I was crushed.
In my late twenties I came across a spiritual church in The Blue Mountains. I walked into a room of mostly elderly ladies and when I told them that see spirits they were so loving and wonderful. It felt like I finally belonged, like I was coming home.
I decided to study palmistry and I discovered that when I held people’s hands information would just come through me like when I was a little girl.
I started doing readings for free at the church or on friends and I become much stronger and more sensitive to the messages. Now for the last 17 years I’ve been working fulltime as a psychic.
I do psychic stage shows where spirits come and I find their family member in the audience and pass their messages on. The spirits tell me all of the things that happened to them and sometimes it’s very tragic but I don’t really get emotional. I feel sad, of course, but I think if I felt too much of the sorrow or pain of the spirits I wouldn’t be able to continue.
I worked with a TV crew on a haunted house show and that was really the only times I was scared by the spirits. One time was in an orphanage where the children experienced terrible things and the other was in a haunted hotel and the spirit appeared while I was in the shower and he behaved in a lewd manner that was disturbing for me.
I am currently working with two families in order to find their murdered daughter’s bodies. I know they were killed in the 1970’s and I know by whom but finding the exact location is taking time.
I have written a book about my life experiences called Heaven on Earth and feel very blessed by this gift that I have.
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