Real Life

I seduced my son's friend in the laundry

My son's teenage mate Johnny was sleeping over one weekend. He is a gorgeous 19-year-old guy who I've known since he was little. I've always known he was attracted to me, but of course I just let it go as a teenage crush. At about 2am, I thought I heard a noise at the other end of the house, so I got up to investigate. All the bedrooms were quiet, with only the sounds of sleep to be heard. I crept down the hall, towards the source of the noise, and could see light shining from underneath the laundry door, which was closed. That gave me a shock, as I knew I had not left it on before I went to bed. I gently opened the door, and was stunned to see Johnny going through the washing basket! What's more, he had a handful of lingerie (mine). He had taken it from the laundry basket next to him. I was so shocked by this that I stepped inside, closed the door, and asked him what on earth he thought he was doing. Naturally he was very embarrassed. He stood up and said that he was sorry, but had been fantasising about me for ages, and was going crazy knowing I was just one room away. He couldn't get to sleep, nor could he help himself, he said, and admitted that it wasn't the first time. He said that every time he had ever been over in the past few years he had managed to sneak a piece of lingerie out, and take it home to add to his collection. I couldn't believe it, and was speechless. I knew bits and pieces had vanished over the years, but would never have imagined the real reason. He walked straight up to me (he is much taller), and told me that he had dreamed of being with me for years and, at 19, was finally old enough to approach me as a man. The lingerie was only taken through utter desperation, he pleaded. In a split-second, I decided to do something I never thought I would. I reached for his head and gently drew it down, and kissed him. That was it. Any nervousness disappeared, and he kissed me back, and put his arms around me. The next half hour was indescribably beautiful for both of us. "Think you might be able to get to sleep now?" I asked him, kissing him and walking to the door. "See you in the morning Johnny," I whispered, creeping back down to my room. Picture: Getty Images. Picture posed by model

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