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I found the love of my life at Schoolies

One couple found everlasting love amid the chaos of Schoolies.
Steve Davey, now 34, didn’t think his Schoolies trip would be where he’d find the love of his life. As for Kristy McClelland, also now 34, she was just out to have a bit of fun with her girlfriends following the stress of her year 12 exams.
Little did the two of them know that they were destined for everlasting love.
Steve shared a similar mindset to most of his male peers when he attended Schoolies week on the Gold Coast way back in 1998.
“The goal was pretty much to pick up girls,” Steve, explains.
Kristy liked the idea of meeting a guy although she certainly wasn’t looking for a long term boyfriend.
But when Steve and Kristy first locked eyes across their apartment balconies on day one of Schoolies week, they both knew they liked what they could see.
“He had long hair and a big smile on his face,” Kristy recalls. “I thought, ‘Not bad!’”
The couple started chatting and instantly hit it off.
16 years later, the couple are married with three adorable boys -Joel, 4, Joshua, 2, and Luke, 1 - and they’ve just moved to the Gold Coast too!
Just last week Kristy and Steve celebrated the 16th anniversary of their Schoolies meeting, marking the occasion with a walk an ice cream along the famous Schoolies strip on Cavill Avenue.
“Our life is a product of Schoolies,” Kristy says. “I can’t look down on it at all.”
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