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REAL LIFE: Aussie Dad reveals how one phone call from his little boys saved his life

If it wasn’t for Casper and Monte’s quick thinking, their dad Simon wouldn’t be here to cuddle his gorgeous sons.

By Brigid Auchettl
When Simon Phipps collapsed in the garden of his 
home in the Melbourne suburb of Kew, 
his two incredible little boys Casper and Monte leapt 
into action, with Casper phoning triple zero - and his younger brother Monte running to a neighbour to get help.
"I knew what to do and how to call for help because Dad showed me before. I'm happy he taught me how to call otherwise I wouldn't know what to do and something else could have a happened," says nine-year-old Casper.
He and his six-year-old brother were both given Junior Triple Zero awards for their brave efforts in saving Simon, 67, after the "scary" drama unfolded just after he and the boys had returned from church in December, 2018.
Simon is so proud his boys managed to keep calm in an emergency. Image: Supplied
"I'm in awe of both of them," beams the proud dad, who suffered multiple seizures, while his boys raced to get the help they needed to save his life.
"They were so calm, and worked together as a team 
to help me – it's amazing."
Despite feeling "stressed" and "worried", Casper dialled 000 and was connected to 
an Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) representative, who helped him stay calm throughout the ordeal.
"She told me to put him on his left side and that I was doing a good job," recalls Casper, who relayed critical health information about his dad's symptoms and medical history during the life-saving two-minute phone call.
The boys worked quickly to save their father's life. Image: Supplied
"It was very, very scary," says Casper, whose brave actions are celebrated in a podcast I Am 000: Stories from Victoria's Triple Zero service, which is produced by ESTA and can be played on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.
Simon had no recollection 
of the event when he woke 
up in hospital, but is incredibly proud of how mature and collected his terrified boys were when he had the opportunity to listen back 
to the confronting 000 call 
that saved his life.
"It's something you'd like 
to think you'd find out one 
day, but you can only find 
out in a drama like this," he says of his boys' bravery, adding he believes more parents should teach their kids how to react in an emergency.
The boys were just happy to help Photo: Gavin Blue Photography
"Parents should encourage their children to get used 
to making phone calls, and picking up the phone to contact family members 
as practice.
"A confident child can do 
far more than one who is too frightened to move and there are lots of children out there who can do what Casper did."
Casper and Monte say it 
was "cool to get a medal" after receiving the Junior Triple Zero award for their bravery 
in an emergency situation, but Casper says he is just "really happy I got to help my dad".
To hear more inspiring triple zero stories, listen to I Am 000: Stories from Victoria's triple zero service on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud or Spotify

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