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World’s best husband makes wife gigantic wooden advent calendar and it’s incredible

Imagine all those presents!

We get excited enough by the prospect of eating a chocolate each day in December but can you imagine opening a present every single morning of the month?!

Zyleen Hewins got this amazing gift from her husband Ben who constructed a massive advent calendar with a present behind every door.

Ben, who is from the UK, told the Metro newspaper it’s usually Zyleen who does romantic things so he decided it was time to spoil her: “She is quite creative and is always making me cool things so I wanted to do something for her this year that was a bit quirky, creative and original,” he said. “So, I came up with a giant advent calendar with actual presents behind every window.”

The 2.3m calendar was constructed out of wood and was painted with cute Christmas penguins. It took Ben two days to make.

Inside the gifts range from scarves to shoes.

Ben said it was Zyleen herself who gave him the idea.

"A few years ago for Christmas, my wife left a present for me everyday during December in one of my drawers with a heart-shaped note that read “on the xx day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…a new pair of earphones for your gym tunes”, for example," he told The Huffington Post.

What a romantic couple!

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