Real Life

Real life: My husband cheated on me on our wedding night

And now his mistress is pregnant!

By As told to Take 5

Carly Currie, 27, shares her true life story:

Taking me by the hand, my boyfriend, Lee, pulled me into one of the bedrooms at my parent's house."What is it?" I asked. "Mum will be carving up the turkey in a minute."
It was Christmas Day and we were celebrating with my mum and dad.
"Sorry, darl, I just can't wait any longer," he said.
"Lee, not here!" I giggled.
"No, not that!" he replied, getting down on one knee.
"You wanna marry me?"
He pulled out a sparkling ring from his pocket.
"Yes!" I squealed, pulling him up for a hug before running downstairs to show my parents.
I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.
We'd met at college a couple of years earlier and bonded over our love for computer games and Motown music.
I was so excited to marry the man of my dreams.
Just after Christmas, I fell pregnant and suffered a miscarriage.
I was crushed, but Lee buried his emotions, refusing to talk about it.
"Let's focus on the wedding instead," he smiled.
When it came around, 150 friends and family members watched us tie the knot in a beautiful church ceremony before kicking on to the evening reception.
"Time for our first dance as husband and wife," Lee grinned, heading me onto the dancefloor.
We'd prepared a little routine.
Nothing too fancy, just a few twirls and spins, but I was overcome with nerves.
"I can't, Lee, it's too embarrassing," I told him.
"Everyone's looking – let's just keep it low key."
His face fell and we shuffled around on the dancefloor before everyone else joined in.
Later, I caught him in tears.
"I wanted to do the dance, that's all," he said, wiping his eyes.
He'd had a few glasses of bubbly by then.
Our wedding day was amazing.
The rest of the evening was just perfect – dancing, laughing and drinking.
Finally a taxi took us back to our hotel.
"I'm exhausted," I said, collapsing on the bed happily.
"Me too, I'm going to the bathroom then I'll join you," Lee said, heading into the plush ensuite.
I didn't even take my wedding dress off before I passed out, shattered after our long day.
The next day, I woke with a hangover… and a smile.
"Morning, wifey," Lee grinned, lying in his boxers next to me.
I rolled over and reached out for my new husband, before consummating our marriage.
Afterwards, we headed down to breakfast and then for a sauna.
After a blissful honeymoon, we heading back to the unit we shared with my sister, Leah.
I couldn't wait to start the next chapter of our lives.
Three months after our big day, my parents came over for a Sunday roast.
Leah had cooked and the five of us enjoyed a good chat over our lunch.
"I'll see you out," Leah said as my parents left, leaving Lee and I alone.
Then, suddenly, he stood up as if to make an announcement.
"Look, darl, well, I'm having a baby," he blurted.
I looked at him, confused.
We never wanted to leave our honeymoon bliss.
It had been just a month since our miscarriage.
He hadn't dealt with the loss properly and he had a funny sense of humour – but it was weird, even for him.
"No, Lee," I sighed. "We lost the baby months ago."
But Lee went on.
"No, I said I'm having a baby," he snapped.
My mind raced. This didn't sound like a joke anymore.
"The day we got married, I mean afterwards…" he said, unable to make eye contact.
I started at him open-mouthed.
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