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Hugh jackman helps out cancer patient

It’s the video that has moved hearts the world over – a loving tribute from a Sydney cancer patient to his devoted wife.
For cancer patient Kristian Anderson, a straightforward “I love you” wasn’t enough to express his gratitude to Rachel, his wife of seven years. She had been his “rock” since he was diagnosed with cancer last October, and she deserved something extra special for her 35th birthday on August 22.
So Kristian aimed high, asking hunky Wolverine star Hugh Jackman – Rachel’s favourite actor – and New Zealand prime minister John Key to help make a heartfelt video birthday present.
“Hugh Jackman certainly gave the clip some Hollywood glamour. He’s got millions of fans, not just Rachel, so everyone who’s seen his movies will be amazed to see him in my video, for sure,” says Kristian. “It’s certainly taken its popularity to a whole new level.”
Kristian, 35, has been having chemotherapy since being diagnosed nearly 12 months ago with bowel cancer that has spread to his liver. Until last week, he and Rachel were effectively fighting their cancer battle alone; now their plight is being tracked by millions around the world.
“Rachel has had so much on her plate,” says Kristian. “She’s been looking after me and our boys and working, too. The video was a special way of thanking her and showing people what we were going through.

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