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How Holly Tame lost 163kg and saved her life!

Holly Tame feared she wouldn’t live to see 30, but she found the motivation to change and turn her life around.

Holly Tame

Dangerously overweight for most of her adult life, Holly was used to negative attention. But on this day, as she rested on a bench outside a shop, a spiteful attack by an elderly man really hit a nerve.

“He said I should be ashamed of myself,” she remembers. The public humiliation spurred her into a path of self–destructive binge-eating.

“I’ve always been an emotional eater who stuffed my feelings down with food.” The NSW student admitted to Woman’s Day.

Tipping the scales at a whopping 267kg, Holly was practically a recluse and extremely depressed.

Then, in 2012 on a routine visit to her Wagga Wagga GP she finally received the wake-up call she needed.

“The doctor told me I was dying. She said I would not live until I was 30 and that was three years away,” she explained.

This time was different. Holly knew she’d have to fight her toughest critic, herself.

Holly’s doctor recommended a gastric sleeve, but for the NSW student a $10,000 surgery was too much.

Confiding in her friends and loved ones, Holly revealed to Woman’s Day how they worked together to help raises the funds for her life-saving surgery.

Holly was overwhelmed with the support she received, and knew she had to do everything in her power to lose the weight to regain her life.

The 29-year-old, who has lost 167-kilograms, shared her phenomenal journey with Woman’s Day and is well on her way to achieving her dreams of being 75kg.

Check out her day on a plate, more amazing pics of her weight loss journey, and find out how you can help her lose that last 20kg by grabbing a copy of this week's Woman’s Day - on stands now!

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