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Hero SES tracking dog sniffs out trouble

Australia’s first corgi SES tracking dog has earned praise from the Queen.
With her ears rigidly vertical and her tail cocked to attention, there’s something about Manhon that says, “Every inch of me is ready for action.” “I purchased her sight unseen,” says SES volunteer Glenys Nottle, from Albany, WA, of the four-year-old dog that has just qualified as the first corgi tracking dog in the State Emergency Service anywhere in Australia.
What the pooch lacks in size she makes up for with smarts. In one recent challenge, Manhon tracked a scent for five kilometres! “She may be only 25cm tall, but Manhon’s nose does all the talking,” winks Glenys.
So grand are Manhon’s achievements, she has received a letter of praise from the greatest corgi lover of them all, the Queen. Glenys has spent more than 400 hours training her sniffer dog, when many said it couldn’t be done.
“She’s dynamite in the orange rescue jacket, but not so clever in other areas,” laughs Glenys. “She tries to trick you into thinking she’s finished eating by burying her food or dragging a tea towel over it… but I love her anyway.”
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