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Four-year-old gives an adorably passionate performance of Moana's song

It was supposed to be "sweet and mellow".

By Kate Wagner
Disney films are great aren't they?
I mean sure, the novelty might wear off the 30th time you're forced to sit through it that week, but at least the songs are catchy.
And it's cute how those "catchy" beats seep into every part of your being, infect your consciousness and make your eye twitch on hearing just a couple of beats.
It all seems worth it though when you see your little one giving a Broadway-worthy rendition of the best tunes - which is exactly what Sophia gave at her preschool graduation.
The four-year-old was meant to give a "sweet and mellow" performance of Moana's "How Far I'll Go" – something tells us she missed that memo.
"She went out there with all the gusto her tiny 4 year old frame could handle and really gave it her all!" her mother Michelle told FOX 5 Atlanta.
Michelle described Sophia as "outgoing and silly" and "loves Disney and all Disney music - as you can see".
Sophia's version was undoubtedly a bit more, umm, energetic than her classmates, but what more could you want from a preschool graduation?
There's a reason she was front and centre for the performance.
Our guess is the Rock is waiting in the wings to offer the viral cutie a role in the sequel.