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Gay couple fulfill dying wish with fairy tale wedding

Terminally ill Australian woman Lee Brandsen has fulfilled her dying wish, marrying her lover Sandra Yates in a romantic ceremony in New Zealand.

With just weeks to live, an Australian woman has fulfilled her dying wish – marrying the woman she loves.
After waiting years for gay marriage to be legalised in Australia and being left disappointed, Sandra Yates and her partner, Lee Bransden, decided to take their marriage into their own hands.
With the help of a crowd-funding campaign, the couple flew to neighbouring New Zealand to finally complete their short-lived fairy tale.
And a fairy tale it was.
Surrounded by ferns and flowers in the Rotorua’s beautiful Mitai Village, Sandra and Lee celebrated their wedding in a wide glade near a flowing spring, with Maori warriors blessing the marriage.
According to GayNZ, the wedding was MCed by a close friend, with local drag queen, Miss Ma Ma Laid, as their Matron of Honour, and friends and family in attendance.
“We're blown away by all the support and friendship,” said a teary Yates, “All our dreams are coming true.”
In a recent update after the wedding, new bride Ms Brandsen has announced she has just weeks to live as her lung cancer has progressed.
But Lee is unwilling to let the circumstances dampen her wedding, or her spirit.
“Stick that up you, Tony Abbott,” said Ms Brandsen, holding up her wedding certificate.
Already into the swing of marriage, Yates gently scolds her, “Shh ... there are reporters, you can't say that!”

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