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Gang rape victim raped again by same five men

Her attackers were out on bail and decided to get revenge on her for reporting them.

A woman who was gang-raped in 2013 has been raped again by the same five men who attacked her three years ago.
The unnamed woman was walking home from university last week when she was kidnapped and drugged by the same men she took to court for rape previously.
The men, who are out on bail, raped the woman again, before dumping her unconscious on the side of a road near New Delhi, where police later found her.
The victim’s family claims the attack was motivated by revenge.
“We had filed a case in the court for the arrest of the remaining three and re-arrest of the two out on bail,” the woman’s brother told the Hindustan Times.
“We were getting constant threats from the accused to reach a compromise outside the court, but we remained firm. That’s why they have attacked her again.”

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