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6 feel-good Aussie news stories that will make you smile

The good headlines among all the bad ones.

By BTYB Veeda
2020 has undoubtedly been one of the most challenging years we've ever experienced. From bushfires through to a global pandemic and political uncertainty around the world, it's becoming more and more of a task to seek out good headlines among the bad ones.
However, the good news stories are there, and now more than ever, it's time we talked about the good things going on.
From the small and surprising events - see Dolly Parton helping fund a successful COVID-19 vaccine and Gwyneth Paltrow's 'Goop Beauty' arriving in Australia (good skin is enough for us, right now) - to the positive changes paving the way for future generations, such as the moves toward coercive control legislation in Australia, there are random acts of kindness, goodness and joy all around. It's just about looking for them!
Here, to lift your spirits and give you something to smile about, we've rounded up six positive news stories that are worth knowing about.

The Naturalena Foundation’s gift of a range of Veeda sanitary products to a school in Wagga Wagga

In an important move, feminine hygiene company Veeda Australia is taking steps to end 'Period Poverty' - a term used to describe women who have scarce access to tampons, pads and other hygiene items. Veeda recently partnered with the Naturalena Foundation by making a donation of care products to the Indie School in Wagga Wagga, NSW - a government-recognised, alternative school for students who haven't been able to succeed at their previous schools, with the aim of helping them thrive.
Photo from The Indie School in Wagga Wagga.
This show of support comes after Veeda's pledge to donate over 160,000 pads to women in need in 2021 through the charity Share The Dignity.
Through this donation, the Naturalena Foundation aims to help end period poverty in rural Australia, by bridging the gap and ensuring all women can access the care products they need.
Veeda donates to Share The Dignity

Hope Delivery by Rockpool’s delivery of more than 270,000 meals to the homeless and underprivileged

Home-cooked meals became a luxury for many struggling Aussies during the pandemic.
Celebrity chef Neil Perry has used his free time (he retired as head of the Rockpool Group in July) to organise Hope Delivery, a meal program that's provided over 200,000 meals for the homeless and those who aren't eligible for government support.
Hope Delivery also targets non-permanent residents stranded in Australia due to the pandemic, as well as restaurant workers whose income has been cut. Speaking to SBS in June, Perry said his aim was to "at least get a meal on the table [for displaced workers] when we know they are struggling to put a roof over their head".

Lonely Planet’s Community Restoration Award

City dwellers might feel like the country's record-breaking bushfires were a long time ago, but Australia's rural communities are still reeling from the unprecedented disaster.
With the aim of recognising fire-affected communities and their ability to rebuild, travel publisher Lonely Planet has awarded its 'Community Restoration' award to Australia, in light of their remarkable rebuilding efforts following the fires.
The recognition of Australia's efforts from Lonely Planet highlights the respect for Australia in the international travel community, after being dealt blows from the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to the fires.

Physicist Cathy Foley appointed Australia’s next chief scientist

2021 will be an important year for science, as the world continues to grapple with COVID-19.
It looks like Australia is in good hands, as CSIRO Chief Scientist Cathy Foley has just been appointed the Chief Scientist of Australia.
As Chief Scientist, Foley will be responsible for advising the government on important scientific decisions. When she begins in January 2021, Foley will be the second woman in history to occupy the coveted post.
An inspiring woman at the top of her game, Foley is one of the many women admired by the Australian Women's Weekly's 'Women of the Future' Awards nominees - a ceremony that celebrates bold and innovative women who are making a difference.

Qantas celebrating its 100th anniversary

Iconic Aussie carrier Qantas hasn't had an easy year in 2020, with budget cuts due to the pandemic causing an enormous amount of workers to be made redundant.
Difficult times won't stop the airline from celebrating its 100th birthday, commemorating a century of work and committing to better times ahead.
Since its inception, Qantas has been widely regarded as one of the best and safest airlines in the world, and is perhaps best-known for its very-low crash record and impeccable service.

Coercive control legislation

As a form of domestic violence, coercive control refers to a sustained pattern of abusive scenarios in relationships, which can include emotional and financial abuse, stalking and cyber stalking, isolation and sexual coercion, and a range of other violations in relationships.
In Australia, coercive control is only regarded as a criminal offence in Tasmania, but Are Media is pushing our federal government to act swiftly in trying to legitimise coercive control offences.
And in a recent bit of good news, Greens Senator Abigail Boyd recently introduced a Bill to the NSW Legislative Council to criminalise coercive control, one of the first steps in ensuring our entire government gets on board.
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