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Sentenced to death: Father who beat, starved 2-year-old daughter

It’s a horrific and unspeakable crime that has shocked America. And a few hours ago a judge sentenced Glen Bates to death.

Two-year-old Glenara Bates weighed just 13 pounds (5.9kg) at the time of her death in March 2015. Her little body was covered in bruises and bite marks, she had a gash on her forehead that had been sewn together with thread, and broken ribs.
Yesterday an Ohio, US, judged sentenced the toddler;s 34-year-old dad Glen Bates to death, following the jury's recommendation that 34-year-old Glen Bates should be executed for aggravated murder.
According to US media reports, Bates was “emotionless” as his sentence was read but his attorney later said he wants to appeal the sentence and argue he should instead get life in prison.
The little girl’s mother, Angela Bradley, who has six other children, has pleaded not guilty in the case. She has a plea hearing scheduled Tuesday.
Glenara's 10-year-old sister testified during trial and said she saw Bates take the toddler by the legs and flung her body against the wall, causing her to hit her head.
She added that she saw the toddler motionless with her eyes closed the next day.
The prosecutor in the case read out a statement: "This man is a murderer who needs to pay for what he did to this innocent baby. My heart breaks for this little girl. She died in one of the most horrific ways imaginable."
Bates rejected a plea agreement that would have spared his life.

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