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Loyal dog keeps vigil on road where owner was killed

Truly a man's best friend.

A loyal dog has paid tribute to its owner in the only way a man’s best friend would - by laying for hours in the exact spot they took their last breath.
Kelly Black was killed in a hit-and-run at 6:15am on Friday morning in Jacksonville, Florida, while walking her dog. And Black’s loyal pup, Paco, didn’t leave the scene for hours, laying on the piece of road where the late 42-year-old was found dead.
Black was reportedly hit by a semi-truck outside the Kangaroo gas station and local police suggest the driver may not have known they struck the 42-year-old.
However, Blacks father does not agree.
“I don’t see how someone could hit her here and drag her all the way out to Beaver St. and not have known it,” GC Bostick, told Action News Jax.
“I just don’t know how I’m going to tell her mama.”
Kelly Black.
Black’s family told media she and Paco “were inseparable” and being possibly the most loyal pup in the world, Paco remained by Black’s side until family arrived at the scene. And on the road for hours once she was gone.
Our thoughts go out to Paco and Black’s family.

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