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From kissing your boss to attending your own funeral: We decode your weirdest dreams

Is your sleep full of fairytale fodder? Not always! Discover the true meaning behind your dreams.

By Take 5 team
Whether it's falling from the sky, being chased or standing naked in front of a crowd, the places our minds go at night could, in fact, be telling us something.
"When we sleep, our dreaming brain processes our experiences of the last 1-2 days, in a bid to make sense of our world," says dream analyst and author of The Dream Handbook, Jane Teresa Anderson.
She says dreams are not literal – they are symbolic and require interpretation.
"Don't take the storyline of a dream as truth: if you dream you'll marry the guy next door, don't do it!"
Over time, with practice, you can learn the tools and techniques of interpretation.
"Each dream has a unique and personal meaning. Avoid a dream dictionary – try a journal instead," Jane says.
Jane's book The Dream Handbook is here to help decode. (Image: Supplied)

Kissing your boss

No need to get HR on the phone – this is not a preview of your future, a nudge to begin a relationship, or an indication of an unconscious desire for your boss.
What does your boss represent to you? What is her or his personality?
The kiss suggests you're uniting those qualities within yourself.
Do you see some qualities of your boss in you? (Image: Getty)

You're at your own funeral

Don't worry, you're not previewing your death!
You're most likely feeling it's time to farewell the 'old you' to make way for a new, better way of being in the world.
Alternatively, you may be feeling a situation is 'the death of me' or feeling drained of energy and vitality.
When you interpret your version of this dream, you'll discover whether it's time to give way to a new way of being or to re-energise – to bring back to life – something within you that feels as if it has died.
It's not necessarily a bad sign to be at your own funeral! (Image: Getty)

You're running late

This dream theme can be about all the obstacles you unconsciously put in your way to stop yourself from achieving your goals.
It can be the ultimate self-saboteur dream.
The paradox is that you may be a high achiever or even a perfectionist (and certainly never late), always working hard to overcome the self-doubt obstacles that lurk below the surface yet are seen in dreams.
Running late can be the ultimate self-saboteur dream. (Image: Getty)

Your partner is cheating

This dream is not what it seems, so don't wake up and get angry with your partner!
The dream theme here is cheating, so it's about you feeling betrayed. It might be as simple as betraying yourself by cheating on a diet, or breaking a promise you made to yourself, or telling a white lie.
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You're pregnant

Unless the dream is picking up on your body physiology or on your worries or wishes about being pregnant, it's most likely to be about what you're developing in readiness to birth into the world.
It might be an idea, a project, a new attitude, or you might be feeling creative and abundant and planning to commit to nurturing a long-term vision.
Is a long-term project or new attitude coming up? (Image: Getty)

There's a plane crash

You're probably feeling that things aren't working out for you.
Ideas and plans feel like they're crashing, just as the plane or your body is seen as fragmented in an accident dream.
Things aren't what they seem when it comes to dreams. (Image: Getty)

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