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Daniel Morcombe's parents beg for an end to the inquest into his disappearance

“We just want a conclusion.”

By Holly Royce
The parents of murdered schoolboy Daniel Morcombe are calling for an end into the lengthy coronial inquest and begging for an end to the investigation which has continued to drag on, stopping the family from moving on with their lives.
Speaking to 9News, Daniel's father Bruce Morcombe said:
"We're looking for a conclusion. We're looking for the end, the full stop that says: we've got all the answers, we can now move on as a family."
The investigation is being delayed due to a related investigation into the conduct and behaviour of the detective who was in charge of the Homicide Squad in 2003, Mike Condon. This means the investigation results are not able to be released.
"We would just like that done in a timely matter, concluded, those reports handed to the state Coroner so he can make his judgement and hand down his findings in due course," Daniel's father continued to 9News.
Last year Daniel Morcombe's killer Brett Cowan was attacked with boiling water and was "permanently disfigured" while in jail by fellow inmate Adam Paul Davidson.
It has been claimed that more prisoners were involved, but only the one was charged.
"We as a society, no matter what we might think of him (Cowan) as a person, still have an obligation to ensure his safety," Bill Potts from Queensland's Law Society said.
Adam Paul Davidson reportedly told the court that he "did it for the people."
The news came out during the same week The Weekly exclusively confirmed Daniel's twin's baby joy and his beautiful tribute to his brother.

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