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Ears to Frankenkitten: My cat has four ears and one eye

I kind of liked that he was a freak!

By Lauren Irvine

Georgi Anderson, 32, Clifton Springs, VIC shares her true life story:

I arrived at the animal shelter where I worked and immediately asked about the latest arrival.
"Now where's this cat with four ears I've been hearing about," I said sarcastically, figuring everyone had been pulling my leg.
"Over here," my colleague said, leading me out to the back room of the shelter.
There, sitting quietly inside a cage was a little white and tabby coloured kitten with four ears.
Two of them were normal-sized and in front were extra little 'wings'.
I'd never seen anything like it!
I'd worked at the Geelong Animal Welfare Society for three years and it was my job to look after sick kittens.
Our new four-eared friend had an infected eye and needed to have it removed, so I looked after him.
We love our playful little boy!
He'd been found under someone's house, along with his brother.
I offered to foster this unique moggy while he recovered from surgery.
Back home, my boys Charles, six, and Arthur, three, were a little scared of the kitten with seven stitches across his eye.
But they weren't too fussed by his extra ears!
I named him Frankenkitten after his resemblance to Frankenstein, but we call him Frankie for short.
He was super playful and happy, despite just having his eye removed.
Over the next few weeks, I became really fond of Frankie and his unusual look.
I knew he'd have no trouble finding a home through the shelter as kind-hearted people were always adopting three-legged dogs, or strange looking cats.
But I decided to keep him, knowing he'd be well loved by me and my boys.
Plus, I kind of liked that he was a freak!
He has a happy life with us.
Wanting to share Frankie's uniqueness, I set up an Instagram page for him.
My furry little one-eyed, four-eared Frankenkitten now has over 6000 followers.
It's often sad for us to see the state of animals when they're brought in to us, but at least we know they'll get a second chance.
Every animal deserves that, no matter how they look.

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