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Comic book wedding

Holy wedding bells, Batman! This wacky wedding between the Caped Crusader and Wonder Woman was enough to leave the Incredible Hulk green with envy.
Comic book lovers Neil and Sharon Vaughn were hoping their wedding would be that extra bit special. So it seemed natural they would bring their hobby to life by staging a comic book heroes and villains ceremony for their big day.
With the Wonder Woman theme song blaring, Sharon made her entrance dressed as the famous Amazon and flanked by her bridesmaids, the PowerPuff Girls. Waiting was her love-struck Batman, Neil, 46, with Robin as his best man. The Joker was emcee.
“We are not particularly traditional and we wanted to have a fun day with our friends, so I suggested we have a themed wedding,” Neil tells Woman’s Day. “I have always wanted to be Batman, ever since I was a little boy, and Sharon said she had always wanted to be Wonder Woman.”
Sharon says the pair, from Devon in the UK, saved a small fortune on traditional wedding accessories by having their fun and simple ceremony, which will be followed by a honeymoon in Australia.

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