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Where is Chris Dawson today? The Lyn Dawson disappearance case continues.

The man at the centre of the investigation has never been charged.

By Jess Pullar

Almost 40 years have passed since the disappearance of Sydney-sider Lyn Dawson, and still the case remains unsolved.

That's a long time to withhold the truth.

Nonetheless, it looks like we might now be getting some answers, with an explosive new podcast series called The Teacher's Pet raising some serious questions and bringing intriguing facts surrounding the case to light.

The new podcast series investigates the 36-year-old unsolved case.
The new podcast series investigates the 36-year-old unsolved case.

At the centre of the case is original suspect Chris Dawson, Lyn's husband. Chris drew suspicion to the case when he invited his 16-year-old lover and student, Joanne Curtis, to move into his home just two days after his wife's disappearance.

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What's more, it took Chris almost six weeks to tell police his wife had gone missing, insisting at the time that she had left on her own accord to join a religious group.

While the evidence doesn't work in his favour, the former high school teacher has never been charged.

So where is Chris now? We've taken a look back at the mysterious man to find out.

Who is Chris Dawson?

Chris was a former first grade rugby league player for the Newtown Jets. He then became a sports teacher at Sydney's Cromer High School in 1980, which is where he met Joanne Curtis, a 16-year-old student at the time.

The pair struck up a romantic relationship, and following Lyn's disappearance in 1982, Chris moved Joanne into his family home.The couple later married.

Chris and Joanne had a child together after marrying.
Chris and Joanne had a child together after marrying.

Who else was Chris close with?

Chris has a twin brother named Paul. According to The Australian, Paul was known as 'Passive Paul', while Chris was 'Cranky Chris' due to his high temper and sudden angry outbursts.

The pair were very close, with Paul also becoming a high school teacher.

Chris also has two daughters, Sherryn and Shanelle, to Lyn. The pair had been reluctant to speak with media up until now.

Shanelle has not confirmed whether she believes her father is guilty or not guilty, however Sherryn has insisted on Chris's innocence.

She recently told The Gold Coast Bulletin that the investigation against her father was a "witch hunt".

Lyn with daughter Sherryn. Image: Facebook
Lyn with daughter Sherryn. Image: Facebook

Where is Chris Dawson now?

Chris divorced Joanne in the late 1980s. He is now married to his third wife and lives on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

The Daily Telegraph reported Dawson attends Gold Coast Titans training and games when he visits his brother Paul on the Coast.

It's clear the twins remain close - in August this year, A Current Affair confronted him while he was out with Paul near his home.

Chris was tracked down by *A Current Affair* near his home in Queensland.
Chris was tracked down by A Current Affair near his home in Queensland.

Reporter Chris Allen asked him: "What happened to your wife Lyn?"

Dawson simply responded: "She left".

Paul was also asked what he knows about Lyn, and he did not give a straight response.

"My concern is… it would be for… It doesn't matter… we can't make comment," he said.

It remains to be seen whether there is more to Chris's story, but the podcast has certainly brought the existing evidence back into the limelight and raised more questions which will hopefully be answered. Stay tuned.

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