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BREAKING: Chris Dawson charged with murder

The cold case has puzzled detectives for 37 years.

By Anita Lyons
BREAKING UPDATE: Chris Dawson has been granted bail of $1.5 million at Central Local Court following his charge and arrest for the murder and disappearance of his wife, Lynnette Dawson.
Chris Dawson has been charged with the murder and disappearance of Lynnette Dawson, following his arrest on Wednesday.
Previously, the former school teacher was a primary suspect in the cold case, which has puzzled detectives for 37 years.
Last night, Mr Dawson spent the night in a Queensland cell, awaiting extradition to NSW. On Thursday afternoon he arrived in Surry Hills.
Chris Dawson has been charged with the murder of his wife, Lynnette Dawson. (Source: AAP)
The 70-year-old has been formally charged with murder and has been refused bail.
Lynn's niece, Renee Sims, spoke out about the arrest and said that the family felt "absolutely massive relief" when they heard the news.
Speaking to Sunrise, she said: "Yesterday when we found out that he had been arrested - we weren't aware that was coming - so we're all incredibly shocked, and then it was just an overflow of emotion from everyone in the family, but today it's definitely relief."
While their family were "disappointed" that it was 37-years in the making, they are "overjoyed that something has actually happened."
"Today is a good day for us," she said.
Chris Dawson being escorted by police in Sydney on Thursday. (Source: AAP)
Lynn Dawson with one of her daughters.
The former Newtown Jets rugby star has been a person of interest since his wife went missing, leaving behind their two daughters, Sherryn and Shanelle, and has been the subject of the successful podcast, "The Teacher's Pet".
"A 70-year-old man has been arrested this morning shortly before 8 o'clock in relation to the murder of Lyn Dawson," Detective Chief Inspector Chris Olen, confirmed to The Australian on Wednesday.
"He's been taken to Southport where he will be charged," he said. "NSW police will seek an extradition."
Chris drew suspicion to the case when he invited his 16-year-old lover and student, Joanne Curtis, to move into his home just two days after his wife's disappearance.
Joanne Curtis, the former lover and girlfriend of Chris Dawson.
Now, it has been revealed that two new witnesses, including Joanne Curtis, have given statements, aiding in the arrest.
"I think we're just really thankful to Joanne that she has come forward and decided to be a witness because I think without her it would be a very tough case to win," Lynn's niece said during the interview.
On Wednesday, NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said that they "would like to have found the body of Lynette Dawson, not just for the evidence but for the family and we certainly will not give up on the search."
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