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Cheeky toddler and sister take mum’s car for a spin

Two little girls, aged five and three, stole their mum's keys and took the family’s Ford SUV for a joyride to grandmother's house.

“Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go!” … Or so two cheeky little girls thought.

One mother must have got the shock of her life when she woke from a nap and discovered her two daughters, aged five and three, had somehow managed to take the family’s Ford SUV for a joyride.

The girls got as far as an intersection near their home in a suburb of Seattle, Washington before they T-boned a Volvo sedan.

Locals say they were alerted when they heard the crash.

“Like [sic] explosion went off,” neighbour Annemarie Warren told local news, WWLP-22News.

Warren said, “I held the kids both in their hands [sic] and I said, ‘where’s your mum?’ The child answered ‘Sleeping. I want to go to my grandma’s house.’”

Another neighbour, Fred Axberg said: “My reaction was, thankfully they’re okay and for sure they had an angel.”

While it could have ended a lot worse, you have to give credit to the two little mischief makers who somehow managed to start the car, get it out of the driveway and drive it a little way down the street before the prang.

The local police department even posted the incident on Facebook with a caption that read: “Did that really happen??”

The driver of the other vehicle suffered minor cuts and bruises but neither of the children was injured.

It’s not clear if the parents will face any charges following the incident – hopefully not. Perhaps they could just put the keys a lot higher next time.

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