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Meet the real life Aussies who make a living by transforming into our favourite celebrities

From the queen of pop to The Queen of England these impersonators will make you look twice

By Take 5 team
These Aussie celebrity impersonators make their living by slipping on their favourite disguise and transforming into some of our most popular A-listers.
So how do they do it - and what do the real life stars think of their impressions?
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Kelly O'Brien is working 9-5 transforming into her favourite diva, Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton stared 
at me and gasped.
"It's like looking into the mirror!" she said 
in her Southern drawl.
I had to admit, it was 
a little overwhelming to stand right beside one of my idols, dressed exactly like her.
The only difference was, my elaborately made-up blonde hair was a wig, and my bulging breasts were prosthetic.
Dolly was performing in London and I'd been invited to meet her after finding fame doing Dolly Parton tribute shows.
Kelly (left) as Dolly, pictured with the real lady herself! Image: Take 5
I'd grown up listening 
to her songs. Love is Like a Butterfly had always been my favourite.
In my 20s, I'd moved to Europe to establish myself as 
a performer.
Whenever I sang Nine to Five with my band, people all told me I sounded identical to Dolly.
Being an impersonator made sense: it paid well, gave me a big audience and, most of all, made lots of people happy.
The elderly and gay community are my biggest fans. One day, 
a woman called me, fighting back tears.
"My grandfather's dying," she began. "Can you please come and sing for him?"
Kelly pictured without her hair and makeup get-up. Image: Take 5
The poor bloke was 93 and battling cancer and she thought it would give him a smile.
I was so touched.
I went to his home and sang, Here You Come Again, followed by Joelene.
He was in tears thinking Dolly was really there in front of him.
I do isn't rocket science, but bringing joy to other people is priceless.

Jason Thompson is a man of many faces, including Austin Powers and The Queen

I walked into the room and watched the ladies' eyes light up.
"It's Austin Powers," they squealed.
"Yeah, baby!" I chimed.
I'd come to a party to entertain as Austin Flowers – my impersonation of the classic Mike Myers character.
Mike's Austin Powers impression is a real hit. Image: Take 5
It was a long way from how I was in my 20s, when I'd been a timid gospel singer, but I loved it.
As a child, I was transfixed by Queen Elizabeth.
Instead of playing sport like other guys, I took elocution lessons to learn to speak like the monarch.
Soon, I had everyone at school in stitches.
Later, I created a drag character, Shirley Shagwell, and took tourists around Sydney, showing them the sights.
Frocked up as The Queen. Image: Take 5
It was at the height of Priscilla Queen of the Desert's popularity and was a real hit. But I couldn't stop at Shirley.Legally, I'm not allowed to use the same name as the people I mimic, so I'm Austin Flowers, Dame Edna Average, the Queen on the Money and Steve Irwinner.
Of all my characters, Austin and the Queen are probably the most popular.
Mike looking glam as Dame Edna Average Image: Take 5
Years ago, I was lucky enough to move to the US and perform there, too.
As word of my shows spread, I was invited onto TV to do a skit as the Queen with Mike Myers himself, who'd requested to be knighted by me.
"You remind me of one 
of my corgis down there," 
I joked as I bent down to knight him.
Crikey! It's Steve Irwin! Image: Take 5
Being so close to the real Austin Powers was such a surreal experience.
I have no plans 
of stopping my impersonations any time soon.
In fact, 
I like to joke to my friends that I'll be the longest reigning queen in history!

Lucy Holmes: Kylie Minogue

Lucy is the spitting image of Kylie! Image: Take 5
Looking around the street, I noticed a crowd had gathered around me, each with their phones and cameras at the ready.
"Kylie, we love you!" one woman cried.
Part of me felt conflicted: should I tell them the truth, or let them think I really was the famous Australian pop star Kylie Minogue?
Eighteen years ago, I'd started performing Kylie tribute shows. My uncanny resemblance to the Aussie icon meant I soon gained 
a huge following as her.
Now, a TV crew was filming me in Kylie's childhood suburb 
of Camberwell in Melbourne.
And here we were, facing a crowd of her adoring fans. Many were shocked to learn I wasn't actually Ms Minogue herself!
"But… you look just like her…" they said in surprise.
As my show, 100% Kylie, gained popularity, the real singer tweeted that I was the best Kylie impersonator in the world. I was speechless!
I know a lot of celebs don't like others imitating them, but Kylie's kind response just proved why she's so loved.
One time, Kylie's parents Carol and Ronald, came along 
to one of my shows.
"Need me to help you get ready?" Carol asked me.
Lucy as Kylie Minogue. Image: Take 5
Apparently, that's what she did for her daughter, and she thought it was only appropriate to do 
the same for me.
These days, I work as a radio host and am a mum to a five-year-old daughter. She loves helping me get dressed in my feathered outfits!
I'm thrilled that, at 51, Kylie is still going strong and showing women that age is no barrier.
Given that I'm 10 years younger, I'll keep impersonating her for years to come!
WATCH BELOW: Kylie performs at The Queen's 92nd birthday party.

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