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Can this cupboard be opened without breaking plates?

A frustrated mother asks the internet for help to solve her plate dilemma and people flock to offer answers.

The internet has rallied around a panicked mother who wanted to know if there was a way she could somehow open her accidentally booby trapped plate cabinet without smashing any of it's contents.
According to multiple reports a user by the name of Tseng Shao-Tsen shared the photo taken by his female friend in the Taiwan-based Facebook community page "Baoliao Commune," with the caption, "[This is] a cupboard that can never be opened."
The picture obviously shows precious plates slipping out of place and the owner at a loss as to how to save them.
Many Facebook users flocked to offer ideas, some more creative than others.
Many of the comments suggested placing towels down to soften the fall of any tumbling crockery but one clever user suggested filling the whole house with water and that would see the plates just float out to safety.
Another said due to the popularity of the post the woman should keep the cupboard as is and put it in a museum, along with THAT blue/gold dress perhaps?
Luckily the owner of the dishes said that no plates were harmed in the eventual opening of the cabinet.
Shao-Tsen told the DailyMail that his friend was able to solve the problem by opening one door slightly before squeezing her hand in to grab the slipping dishes.

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